Witch Creek: A Wildlands Novel

Harper Voyager - Secretly, the sheriff has also made a pact to free a creature of the underground, a flesh-devouring mermaid. She's hungry. Once freed, she will swim into Yellowstone—to feed. With her coyote sidekick Sig, Petra must descend into the underworld to rescue Gabe before it's too late. Following nine of stars comes the next chapter in Laura Bickle's critically acclaimed Wildlands seriesAs the daughter of an alchemist, Petra Dee has battled supernatural horrors and experienced astonishing wonders.

. For both of them. Muirenn has vowed to exact vengeance on Gabe, who helped imprison her, but first. But there’s no magic on earth that can defeat her recent cancer diagnosis, or help find her missing husband, Gabriel. Owen is determined to harness the power of the Tree of Life—and he needs Gabe to reveal its magic.

Witch Creek: A Wildlands Novel - In the backcountry of Yellowstone, evil moves below the surface. Still, she would bet all her remaining days that the answer to his disappearance lies in the dark subterranean world beneath the Rutherford Ranch on the outskirts of Temperance, Wyoming. Gabe is being held prisoner by the sheriff and heir to the ranch, Owen Rutherford.

Nine of Stars: A Wildlands Novel

Harper Voyager - And while gabe once had little to fear from the mortal world, he’s all too human now. This time, when violence hits close to home, there are no magical solutions. It’s up to petra and her coyote sidekick Sig to get ahead of both Owen and the unnatural being hunting them all – before the trail turns deathly cold.

From critically acclaimed author laura Bickle Dark Alchemy comes the first novel in the Wildlands series, NINE OF STARS. But she can’t explain the creature now stalking the backcountry of Yellowstone, butchering wolves and leaving only their skins behind in the snow. Rumors surface of the return of Skinflint Jack, a nineteenth-century wraith that kills in fulfillment of an ancient bargain.

Nine of Stars: A Wildlands Novel - The new sheriff in town, Owen Rutherford, isn’t helping matters. He’s a dangerously haunted man on the trail of both an unsolved case and a fresh kill - a bizarre murder leading him right to Petra’s partner Gabriel. Longmire meets patricia brigg's Mercy Thompson in this exciting new series that shows how weird and wonderful the West can truly be.

Winter has always been a deadly season in temperance, petra dee has faced all manner of occult horrors – especially since her arrival in the small town of Temperance, there’s more to fear than just the cold…As the daughter of an alchemist, but this time, Wyoming.

Mercury Retrograde: A Dark Alchemy Novel

Harper Voyager Impulse - When an internet video of a massive snake in the backcountry of Yellowstone goes viral, a chase for the mythical basilisk is on. Something venomous has come to temperance …It's been two months since Petra Dee and her coyote sidekick Sig faced off against Temperance's resident alchemist, but things are far from quiet.

Unlike some, the sisters don't want to kill the basilisk―they want to worship it. Monster hunters swarm into the area, and never one to pass up the promise of discovery, Petra joins in the search. Among the newcomers is a snake cult on wheels―the biker gang Sisters of Serpens. But things get complicated when the basilisk develops a taste for human flesh that rivals the Sisters' own murderous skills.

Mercury Retrograde: A Dark Alchemy Novel - Meanwhile, the alchemical tree of life is dying, and the undead Hanged Men of Temperance who depend on it know the basilisk may be their last chance for survival. With time running out for everyone around her, Petra will be forced to decide who survives and who she must leave behind in this action-packed sequel to Dark Alchemy.

Phoenix Falling: A Wildlands Novel

Harper Voyager - Petra can’t help fearing that lascaris has crawled out of the ashes of history to wreak vengeance—and to complete his mission by claiming every vulnerable soul in Temperance. With the help of gabe and her coyote sidekick, Sig, Petra must now venture into Lascaris’s shadow before he turns her world into an inferno burning out of control.

Bickle is well on her way to establishing her work as a cornerstone of her genre. Publishers Weekly. It was a dreadful night in 1862 when lascaris went harvesting for souls, only to be set upon by townsfolk determined to eliminate the root of all evil in a trial by fire. The answers could lie in the past. Petra may be adept when it comes to the uncanny, but as a reasoned geologist, Petra still can’t fathom the wildfires suddenly engulfing Yellowstone National Park, or why Gabe claims to have seen the sky explode in flames.

Phoenix Falling: A Wildlands Novel - Laura bickle, the critically acclaimed author of Nine of Stars and Witch Creek, returns with a fiery new chapter in her celebrated Wildlands series. In the yellowstone backcountry, gabe, wyoming—a wickedly enchanted land founded generations ago by the alchemist, a merciless source of evil carries a torch for the past…Petra Dee and her immortal husband, have been trying to gain a toehold in what passes for ordinary life in Temperance, Lascaris.

Dark Alchemy

Harper Voyager Impulse - When bodies start turning up—desiccated and twisted skeletons that Petra can't scientifically explain—her investigations land her in the middle of a covert war between the town's most powerful interests. Stephen king's the gunslinger meets Breaking Bad in Laura Bickle's novel Dark Alchemy. Some secrets are better left buried … Geologist Petra Dee arrives in Wyoming seeking clues to her father's disappearance years ago.

Petra's father wasn't the only one searching for the alchemical secrets of Temperance, and those still looking are now ready to kill. What she finds instead is Temperance, a dying western town with a gold rush past and a meth-infested present. Armed with nothing but shaky alliances, and a relic she doesn't understand, a pair of antique guns, the only thing Petra knows for sure is that she and her coyote sidekick are going to have to move fast—or die next.

Dark Alchemy - But under the dust and quiet, an old power is shifting.

Dime a Demon Ordinary Magic Book 5

Odd House Press - Even dealing with the monsters and gods vacationing in the little beach town of Ordinary, Oregon is great. Then the demon, bathin, strolls into town and steals Myra’s sister’s soul. So much for great. Step one: shut down the portals to hell popping up in town. Myra reed’s life is going great. Guarding the library of arcane secrets is great.

. Luckily, myra has a plan to evict the demon and save her sister’s soul. Step three: don’t die while teaching Death how to be a cop. Step two: get rid of the pink know-it-all unicorn. Oh, and there’s a step four. Absolutely, positively, no matter what, do not fall in love with the handsome, charming, jerk of a demon she’s trying to kick out of town.

Dime a Demon Ordinary Magic Book 5 - Logically, it’s a good plan. But when it comes to bathin, Myra’s very illogical heart has some plans of its own. Great. Being a cop is great.

Sweep of the Blade Innkeeper Chronicles Book 4

NYLA - Arland is not used to hearing the word ‘no;’ and try as she might, Maud can't just walk away from Arland. House krahr is extremely influential and maud knows that a woman—a human, with a very questionable past—who's turned down a proposal from its most beloved son won't get a warm reception. Maud demille has never run from a fight, and House Krahr will soon discover that there's a lot more to Maud than they’re expecting.

In helping dina save the world, she met Arland, the Marshal of House Krahr, one of the most powerful vampire houses. Rescued by her sister Dina, she's sworn off all things vampire. Except. Karhari killed her husband, and Maud—completely abandoned by his family—has spent over a year avenging his debts. But even maud could never have anticipated what Fate would throw at her.

Sweep of the Blade Innkeeper Chronicles Book 4 - Once a wife to a powerful vampire knight, Helen, Maud and her young daughter, were exiled with him for his treachery to the desolate, savage planet of Karhari. Maybe she’s not sure about marrying Arland, but House Krahr isn’t going to decide for her. Maud demille is a daughter of innkeepers—a special group who provide ‘lodging’ to other-planetary visitors—so she knows that a simple life isn't in the cards.

She declined.

The Dragon's Playlist

Syrenka Publishing LLC - And there can be no yearning for what has been left behind. And she believed him. Di fled rural west Virginia to study music and pursue a bright future as a violinist. When di gets a job as a bookkeeper at the same mine where her father worked, she is drawn into a conflict pitting neighbor against neighbor as the mine plans an expansion to an untouched mountain.

If the mining company’s operation goes forward, there will be more at stake than livelihoods or the pollution of the land: Di has discovered a dragon lives deep within Sawtooth Mountain, and he is not happy with this encroachment upon his lair. When catastrophe strikes, di must choose between her family’s best interests and protecting the dragon – the last surviving bit of magic in Di’s shrinking world.

The Dragon's Playlist - In every fight, sides are chosen. Old ghosts and an old flame emerge from the past. From the author of the hallowed ones and nine of stars comes a new novel blending the magical and the real…“This is war, ” the dragon said. But when a mining accident nearly kills her father, she is summoned back home to support her family.

The Silver Mark Crow Investigations Book 2

Siskin Press Ltd - The silver mark is the second instalment in Crow Investigations, an exciting paranormal mystery series from bestselling author of magical fiction, Sarah Painter. Skills and an innate sense of justice, Lydia investigates. But that's all in the past… isn’t it? everybody wants something from lydia: Her Uncle Charlie wants her to join the infamous Family Business, her ghostly flatmate wants her to test her power, DCI Fleet wants a relationship, and the Silver Family want her to keep her nose out.

Even when it seems as if the Silver Family might be involved, Lydia refuses to back down. My favourite new urban fantasy series, clever and twisty and deliciously magical. Stephanie burgis, author of Snowspelled. And london in a heatwave is a dangerous place to be. Trouble is, lydia has never been much good at taking orders.

The Silver Mark Crow Investigations Book 2 - The silver family, who run the finest law firm in London, have a gift for persuasion. In the bad old days it was said they could make a man jump off a roof by convincing him he could fly. London is lydia crow’s city so when a man is found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge, she takes it personally. Driven by her desire to improve her fledgling P.

Smoke Bitten A Mercy Thompson Novel Book 12

Ace - But if it bites you, it controls you. It can make you do anything—even kill the person you love the most. I am mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman. Not if i have anything to say about it. It can look like anyone, any creature it chooses. Only the deadliest survived. Now one of those prisoners has escaped. Without the fae to mind them, those creatures who remained behind roamed freely through Underhill wreaking havoc.

It looks like I'm going to need them. Centuries ago, the fae dwelt in Underhill—until she locked her doors against them. It lives for chaos and destruction. They left behind their great castles and troves of magical artifacts. Mercy thompson, car mechanic and shapeshifter, faces a threat unlike any other in this thrilling entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Smoke Bitten A Mercy Thompson Novel Book 12 - They abandoned their prisoners and their pets. My only “superpowers” are that I turn into a thirty-five pound coyote and fix Volkswagens. But i have friends in odd places and a pack of werewolves at my back. In my territory. It won't, can't, remain.


Subterranean Press - With “ashes, her five-foot-long salamander familiar sparky, ” laura Bickle revisits Detroit arson investigator and powerful spirit medium Anya Kalinczyk as she, and Hades’ Charon pursue a destructive fire elemental named the Nain Rouge through the city’s festival in his dubious honor.