Winston & Clementine: The Triumphs & Tragedies of the Churchills

Plunkett Lake Press #ad - Winston churchill, stalwart wife, and clementine, his beautiful, Britain’s great statesman, went together through many crises to command center stage in their country’s finest hour during World War II. Hough is a charming writer and his admiration for his subject so genuine that readers will find his work irresistible.

Publishers Weekly. This double biography tells the story of this celebrated couple whose marriage endured, for 57 years, without scandal, until Churchill’s death in 1965. Their intense relationship would make tabloid headlines, but the public didn’t see the conflicts and clashes of two strong-willed, stubborn individuals whose love for each other withstood the tests of war and family tragedy — and whose fierce differences were essential to their triumph.

Winston & Clementine: The Triumphs & Tragedies of the Churchills #ad - A grand profile in charisma. Chris goodrich, los Angeles Times“A grand historical romance. Booklist“A splendidly told tale.


Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill

Penguin Books #ad - Any real consideration of Winston Churchill is incomplete without an understanding of their relationship. Yet their marriage proved to be an exceptional partnership. Clementine is both the first real biography of this remarkable woman and a fascinating look inside their private world. Many wondered why winston married her, when the prime minister’s daughter was desperate for his attention.

I was enthralled all the way through. Lynne olson, bestselling author of Citizens of London . Why, then, do we know so little about her? In this landmark biography, a finalist for the Plutarch prize, Sonia Purnell finally gives Clementine Churchill her due. You know, "winston confided to FDR, "I tell Clemmie everything.

Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill #ad - Through the ups and downs of his tumultuous career, at the expense of her family, in the tense days when he stood against Chamberlain and the many months when he helped inspire his fellow countrymen and women to keep strong and carry on, Clementine made her husband’s career her mission, her health and, fatefully, of her children.

Sensitive yet clear-eyed, clementine tells the fascinating story of a complex woman struggling to maintain her own identity while serving as the conscience and principal adviser to one of the most important figures in history. Late in life, winston churchill claimed that victory in the Second World War would have been “impossible” without the woman who stood by his side for fifty-seven turbulent years.

Sonia purnell has at long last given Clementine Churchill the biography she deserves. Born into impecunious aristocracy, the young Clementine Hozier was the target of cruel snobbery.


A Daughter's Tale: The Memoir of Winston Churchill's Youngest Child

Random House #ad - She attended the potsdam conference as her father’s aide-de-camp, arranging a memorable dinner with Harry Truman and Josef Stalin whom she acidly remembers as “small, dapper, and rather twinkly”. Hitler even reportedly hatched a plan, never consummated, to hire spies to seduce her in order to gain access to secret British war plans.

. As she matures into one of her father’s most trusted companions, we are given rare glimpses inside the glittering social milieu through which the Churchills moved—as well as the rough-and-tumble world of British politics. Splitting her time between luncheons at chequers—where she spent time with the likes of Lord Mountbatten—and the turret of an anti-aircraft battery, she was never far from the center of the action.

Churchill to avoid publicity, she led a unique double life that comes vividly alive again in the retelling. In this charming and intimate memoir,  the youngest daughter of Winston Churchill shares stories from her remarkable life—and tells of the unbreakable bond she forged with her father through some of the most tumultuous years in British history.

A Daughter's Tale: The Memoir of Winston Churchill's Youngest Child #ad - Through a combination of personal reminiscences and never-before-published diary entries,  Mary Soames, the youngest daughter of Clementine and Winston Churchill,  describes what it was like growing up as the scion of one of the lions of twentieth-century statecraft. With fly-on-the-wall immediacy, mary describes the momentous debate in Parliament where Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was driven from office, paving the way for Winston Churchill’s ascension and the grueling crucible of World War II.

During the war mary served as a gunner in the women’s auxiliary, helping to shoot down the German V-1 rockets then bedeviling London. Warm memories of a childhood spent roaming the grounds of the family’s country estate, tending to a small menagerie of pets, evoke the idyllic mood of England between the wars.


That Churchill Woman: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - As lady randolph churchill, she gave birth to a man who defined the twentieth century: her son Winston. Wealthy, privileged, and fiercely independent New Yorker Jennie Jerome took Victorian England by storm when she landed on its shores. But jennie—reared in the luxury of gilded age Newport and the Paris of the Second Empire—lived an outrageously modern life all her own, passion, filled with controversy, tragedy, and triumph.

Their affair only intensifies as randolph Churchill’s sanity frays, and Jennie—a woman whose every move on the public stage is judged—must walk a tightrope between duty and desire. While she is surrounded by a cast of late-Victorian celebrities, Prince of Wales, including Bertie, it’s always Jennie who shines and takes the center stage she was born to.

That Churchill Woman: A Novel #ad - Melanie benjamin, new york times bestselling author of The Aviator’s Wife and The Swans of Fifth Avenue. Jennie is inescapably drawn to the brilliant and seductive Count Charles Kinsky—diplomat, skilled horse-racer, deeply passionate lover. We’re introduced to Jennie in all of her passion and keen intelligence and beauty.

. When the nineteen-year-old beauty agrees to marry the son of a duke she has known only three days, the reckless men who surround Bertie, she’s instantly swept up in a whirlwind of British politics and the breathless social climbing of the Marlborough House Set, Prince of Wales. Breathing new life into jennie’s legacy and the glittering world over which she reigned, and obligation, while capturing the spirit of an unforgettable woman, freedom, That Churchill Woman paints a portrait of the difficult—and sometimes impossible—balance among love, one who altered the course of history.


Lady Clementine: A Novel

Sourcebooks Landmark #ad - Entranced throughout, I discovered the secrets behind a familiar story I thought I knew. Just before he stumbles, Clementine grabs him by his suit jacket. Lady clementine's powerful and spirited story is both compelling and immersive. Here is the fictionalized account of the person who was the unequivocal wind beneath Winston Churchill's wings — a woman whose impact on the world-shaper that was WW2 has been begging to be told.

Benedict stuns readers with a glorious assortment of clementine Churchill's most personal secrets: her scandalous childhood, her unexpected role as a social outsider, her maternal insecurities, and the daily struggles she faces to smooth her husband's political blunders and to keep up with his relentless demands for guidance and attention.

Lady Clementine: A Novel #ad - This will not be the last time Clementine Churchill will save her husband. With a historian's eye and a writer's heart, Benedict provides an unforgettable glimpse into the private world of a brilliant woman whose impact and influence on world events deserves to be acknowledged. Lynda cohen loigman, usa today author of The Two-Family House and The Wartime Sisters.

Lady clementine is the ferocious story of the ambitious woman beside Winston Churchill, the story of a partner who did not flinch through the sweeping darkness of war, and who would not surrender either to expectations or to enemies. Also by marie benedict: the only woman in the room the Other Einstein Carnegie's MaidPraise for Lady Clementine:"Benedict is a true master at weaving the threads of the past into a compelling story for today.

Deftly moving from the early nineteen hundreds through World War II, Benedict skillfully paints a vivid picture of the times and life of Clementine, the remarkable woman who was the steady force beside Winston Churchill. Patti callahan henry, New York Times bestselling author of Becoming Mrs.


Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown

Hachette Books #ad - Through it all, and developing the caribbean island of mustique as a safe harbor for the rich and famous-hosting Mick Jagger, including visiting the White House, and many other politicians, David Bowie, aristocrats, Raquel Welch, Anne has carried on, traveling the world with the royal family, and celebrities.

International bestseller****the times uk memoir of the year****one of newsweek's Most Anticipated Books of 2020**An extraordinary memoir of drama, tragedy, and royal secrets by Anne Glenconner--a close member of the royal circle and lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. With unprecedented insight into the royal family, dramatic, candid, Lady in Waiting is a witty, at times heart-breaking personal story capturing life in a golden cage for a woman with no inheritance.

Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown #ad - . In lady in waiting, she will share many intimate royal stories from her time as princess margaret's closest confidante as well as her own battle for survival: her broken-off first engagement on the basis of her "mad blood"; her 54-year marriage to the volatile, Lord Glenconner, unfaithful Colin Tennant, who left his fortune to a former servant; the death in adulthood of two of her sons; a third son she nursed back from a six-month coma following a horrific motorcycle accident.

As seen on Netflix's The Crown. Anne glenconner has been at the center of the royal circle from childhood, when she met and befriended the future Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, the Princess Margaret. Though the firstborn child of the 5th earl of Leicester, who controlled one of the largest estates in England, as a daughter she was deemed "the greatest disappointment" and unable to inherit.

Since then she has needed all her resilience to survive the vipers of court life with her sense of humor intact.


Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England

Farrar, Straus and Giroux #ad - The political and personal dramas that played out in Parliament and in the nation as Britain faced the threat of fascism virtually on its own are extraordinary—and, in Olson's hands, downright inspiring. A riveting history of the daring politicians who challenged the disastrous policies of the British government on the eve of World War IIOn May 7, 1940, the House of Commons began perhaps the most crucial debate in British parliamentary history.

Troublesome young men is lynne olson's fascinating account of how a small group of rebellious Tory MPs defied the Chamberlain government's defeatist policies that aimed to appease Europe's tyrants and eventually forced the prime minister's resignation. Some historians dismiss the "phony war" that preceded this turning point—from september 1939, when winston churchill became prime minister—as a time of waiting and inaction, Robert Boothby, Leo Amery, and also that there were intrepid politicians willing to risk political suicide to spearhead the opposition to Chamberlain—Harold Macmillan, when Britain and France declared war on Germany, as people realized how poorly prepared the nation was to confront Hitler, and describes in dramatic detail the public unrest that spread through Britain then, to May 1940, Ronald Cartland, but Olson makes no such mistake, how their basic civil liberties were being jeopardized, and Lord Robert Cranborne among them.

Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England #ad - On its outcome hung the future of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's government and also of Britain—indeed, perhaps, the world.


Working with Winston: The Unsung Women Behind Britain's Greatest Statesman

Pegasus Books #ad - Though they might reflect the character of the politician, they reveal only a part of the man. Indeed, in today’s terms their titles would be much grander, as their work encompassed ultra-secret documents and decrypting and reading enemy codes. A treasure trove of insight and research, working with Winston reveals the man behind the statesman and as well as brings long-overdue recognition to the “hidden army” that, like Churchill, was never off-duty.

When churchill strode the world stage, the secretarial and support staff positions were inevitably filled by women. Though extraordinarily talented and valuable to Churchill and his work, these women remain unheralded. What we know less about are the characteristics that Winston Churchill revealed when he was out of the public eye.

Working with Winston: The Unsung Women Behind Britain's Greatest Statesman #ad - Much has been written about Churchill, politicians, and of the important world leaders, high-ranking military personnel with whom he interacted. But churchill also required a vast staff to maintain the intense pace at which he worked. An original and insightful look at Winston Churchill through the eyes of those who knew him best—the women who worked with him throughout his life.

All politicians adopt a public persona that they believe contributes to electoral success. He was not an easy employer. He was intimidating, with never-ending demands who would impose his relentless and demanding schedules on those around him.


The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History

Riverhead Books #ad - His maneuvering positioned america for entry into World War II, even as it ushered in England’s post-war decline. From london’s inimitable mayor, Boris Johnson, the story of how Churchill’s eccentric genius shaped not only his world but our own. On the fiftieth anniversary of Churchill’s death, Boris Johnson celebrates the singular brilliance of one of the most important leaders of the twentieth century.

Most of all, he was a rebuttal to the idea that history is the story of vast and impersonal forces; he is proof that one person—intrepid, ingenious, determined—can make all the difference. Taking on the myths and misconceptions along with the outsized reality, he portrays—with characteristic wit and passion—a man of contagious bravery, matchless strategizing, breathtaking eloquence, and deep humanity.

The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History #ad - Fearless on the battlefield, churchill had to be ordered by the king to stay out of action on D-Day; he pioneered aerial bombing and few could match his experience in organizing violence on a colossal scale,  yet he hated war and scorned politicians who had not experienced its horrors. His openmindedness made him a trailblazer in health care, education, and social welfare, though he remained incorrigibly politically incorrect.

He was the most famous journalist of his time and perhaps the greatest orator of all time, despite a lisp and chronic depression he kept at bay by painting.



Penguin Books #ad - From the “most celebrated and best-loved british historian in america” Wall Street Journal, an elegant, concise, and revealing portrait of Winston ChurchillIn Churchill, eminent historian Paul Johnson offers a lively, succinct exploration of one of the most complex and fascinating personalities in history.

Winston churchill's hold on contemporary readers has never slackened, and Johnson’s analysis casts new light on his extraordinary life and times. Johnson's narration of churchill's many triumphs and setbacks, rich with anecdote and quotation, courage, resilience, illustrates the man's humor, and eccentricity as no other biography before, and is sure to appeal to historians and general nonfiction readers alike.

Churchill #ad - Johnson illuminates the various phases of churchill's career—from his adventures as a young cavalry officer in the service of the empire to his role as an elder statesman prophesying the advent of the Cold War—and shows how Churchill's immense adaptability and innate pugnacity made him a formidable leader for the better part of a century.


Dinner with Churchill: Policy-Making at the Dinner Table

Pegasus Books #ad - An “acutely revealing” and eloquent look at one of great Britain’s most impactful prime ministers, Dinner with Churchill offers delicious new insights into the food, cocktails, and conversations that shaped history The Times Literary Supplement.    . A friend once said of winston churchill: “He is a man of simple tastes; he is quite easily satisfied with the best of everything.

But for churchill, excellent champagnes, dinners were about more than good food, and Havana cigars. In this riveting, and a wide variety of other sources to tell of some of the key dinners at which Churchill presided before, and entertaining account, diaries of guests, during, informative, Cita Stelzer draws on previously untapped material, and after World War II.

Dinner with Churchill: Policy-Making at the Dinner Table #ad - This engaging biography invites readers to dinner with Winston Churchill and his political guests in the years surrounding WWII. Everything” included the opportunity to use the table both as a stage on which to display his brilliant conversational talents and as an intimate setting in which to glean gossip and diplomatic insights and to argue for the many policies he espoused over his long political career.