The Secrets of the Notebook: A Woman’s Quest to Uncover Her Royal Family Secret

Arcade - He then showed her the treasured leather-bound notebook inscribed to Emilie by the prince. The secrets of the notebook tells how she follows the clues, from experts on European royalty in London to archives in West Germany and then, under threat of being arrested as a spy by the Communist regime, to an archive in East Germany that had never before opened its doors to the West.

A movie based on the book is in production.  . What she unearths is a love story set against the upheaval of the Napoleonic wars and the antiSemitism of the Prussian court, and a ruse that both protected Emilie’s daughter and probably condemned her granddaughter—Eve’s beloved grandmother, Anna—to death in the Nazi camps.

The Secrets of the Notebook: A Woman's Quest to Uncover Her Royal Family Secret - When first published in the UK, The Secrets of the Notebook was an Irish Times bestseller. The beautiful owner of this book is dearer to me than my life – August your protector. This one sentence was the key to a mystery involving some of the greatest and most infamous figures in European history, from Frederick the Great to Napoleon and Hitler—and solved by the author of this book.

Eve haas is the daughter of a German Jewish family that took refuge in London after Hitler came to power. Her parents were reluctant to learn more, when Eve was married and inherited the diary, but later in life, she became obsessed with proving this birthright. Following a terrifying air raid in the blitz, her father revealed the family secret, that her great-great grandmother Emilie was married to a Prussian prince.

The Oceans Between Us: Inspired by heartbreaking true events, the riveting debut novel

Headline - But then she discovers the secret of his past. But i also felt their bravery in finding justice for all children who suffered. An absolute must-read' By The Letter Book Reviews. Inspired by heartrending true events, a mother fights to find her son and a child battles for survival in this riveting debut novel.

Only that she has lost something very precious. As the little boy waits in the orphanage, he hopes his mother will return. Should she keep quiet? or tell the truth and risk losing the boy who has become her life? This magnificent, set in London and Australia, moving novel, is testament to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of love.

The Oceans Between Us: Inspired by heartbreaking true events, the riveting debut novel - Readers are loving The Oceans Between Us. A beautiful tale of a mother's love. A story based on actual events which will have you glued to the pages' Waggy Tales'It has opened my eyes to the injustice done to so many' Shaz's Book Blog'I flew through this emotional book. A wonderful book. I raged at just what some had to endure.

A warm-hearted tale of love, loss and indefatigable human spirit' kathryn hughes 'A heartrending story' Jane CorryFor readers of Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate, Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly, The Letter by Kathryn Hughes, and Remember Me by Lesley Pearse. A woman is found wandering injured in London after an air raid.

The Three Miss Allens

HarperCollins - It's only when the women discover an old guest book that they start asking questions about the mysterious third Miss Allen. Roma's distant cousin Addy arrives too, fleeing a life with too much drama. It's the last time they'll spend summers as a family. Who was she? why has she disappeared from the family's history? If they solve this mystery from their past, could it change the women's futures?

The usa today bestselling novel. Adeline is engaged, ruby is weighing up an offer, and Clara is just eighteen and about to start her life. But by summer's end, the lives they have known will change irrevocably and a mysterious secret will tear the family apart. Eighty–two years later, ruby's great–granddaughter Roma Harris moves to the now sleepy Remarkable Bay, retreating from tragedy.

The Three Miss Allens - How much of who we are is destiny and how much chance?in 1934, the three Miss Allens – Ruby, Adeline and Clara – arrive in the seaside town of Remarkable Bay for their annual summer holiday.

A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary

Picador - Spare and unpredictable, minutely observed and utterly free of self-pity" The Plain Dealer, A Woman in Berlin tells of the complex relationship between civilians and an occupying army and the shameful indignities to which women in a conquered city are always subject--the mass rape suffered by all, Cleveland, regardless of age or infirmity.

A woman in berlin stands as "one of the essential books for understanding war and life" A. A new york times book review editors' choicefor eight weeks in 1945, as Berlin fell to the Russian army, a young woman kept a daily record of life in her apartment building and among its residents. Byatt, author of Possession.

A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary - S. With bald honesty and brutal lyricism" elle, as well as their cravenness, the anonymous author depicts her fellow Berliners in all their humanity, corrupted first by hunger and then by the Russians.

The Orphan of Salt Winds

Tin House Books - War feels far away among the birds and shifting sands—until the day a German fighter plane crashes into the marsh, and Clem ventures out to rescue the airman. Seventy-five years later, she finds herself drawn back to the marsh, and to a teenage girl who appears there, nearly frozen and burdened by her own secrets.

Elizabeth brooks’s gripping debut mirrors its marshy landscape—full of twists and turns and moored in a tangle of family secrets. In her, virginia might have a chance at retribution and a way to right a grave mistake she made as a child. Ten-year-old virginia wrathmell arrives at Salt Winds, to meet her adoptive parents—practical, dependable Clem and glamorous, a secluded house on the edge of a marsh, mercurial Lorna.

Only clem offers a true sense of home. For fans of eowyn ivey, rose tremaine, and Kate Atkinson, The Orphan of Salt Winds is a bewitching debut about the secrets that haunt us. England, 1939. Virginia’s new parents’ marriage is full of secrets and tensions she doesn’t quite understand, drops by too often, and their wealthy neighbor, Max Deering, taking an unwholesome interest in the family’s affairs.

The Orphan of Salt Winds - The marsh, with its deceptive tides, is a beautiful but threatening place. A gothic, psychological mystery and atmospheric coming-of-age story, The Orphan of Salt Winds is the portrait of a woman haunted by the place she calls home. What happens next sets into motion a crime so devastating it will haunt Virginia for the rest of her life.

Such Good Girls: The Journey of the Holocaust's Hidden Child Survivors

Harper - Rosen tells the story of the hidden children who survived the holocaust through the lives of three girls hidden in three different countries—among the less than 10 percent of Jewish children in Europe to survive World War II—who went on to lead remarkable lives in New York City. Only one in ten jewish children in Europe survived the Holocaust, many in hiding.

Unlike anne frank, carla lessing made it through the war concealed with her family in the home of Dutch strangers before becoming a psychotherapist and key player in the creation of an international organization of hidden child survivors. In braiding the stories of three women who defied death by learning to be “such good girls, ” Rosen examines a silent and silenced generation—the last living cohort of Holocaust survivors.

Such Good Girls: The Journey of the Holocaust's Hidden Child Survivors - Edgar award-winning mystery novelist R. In such good Girls, R. Rosen tells the story of these survivors through the true experiences of three girls. Sophie turner-zaretsky, who spent the war years believing she was an anti-Semitic Catholic schoolgirl, eventually became an esteemed radiation oncologist. D. He provides rich, were determined to deny hitler any more victories, as adults, memorable portraits of a handful of hunted children who, and he recreates the extraordinary event that lured so many hidden child survivors out of their grown-up “hiding places” and finally brought them together.

Arch of Triumph: A Novel

Random House - Despite a law banning him from performing surgery, ravic—a German doctor and refugee living in Paris—has been treating some of the city’s most elite citizens for two years on the behalf of two less-than-skillful French physicians. Forbidden to return to his own country, and dodging the everyday dangers of jail and deportation, Ravic manages to hang on—all the while searching for the Nazi who tortured him back in Germany.

Whether he writes of men or of inanimate nature, firm, his touch is sensitive, and sure. The new york Times Book Review. The world has a great writer in Erich Maria Remarque. It is 1939. The evocative story of a man without a country, Arch of Triumph is a World War II–era classic from the author of All Quiet on the Western Front.

Arch of Triumph: A Novel - And though he’s given up on the possibility of love, life has a curious way of taking a turn for the romantic, even during the worst of times. He is a craftsman of unquestionably first rank, a man who can bend language to his will.

The Speckled People

Fourth Estate - English is, after all, what the other children in Dublin speak. English is what they use when they hunt him down in the streets and dub him Eichmann, as they bring him to trial and sentence him to death at a mock seaside court. Out of this fear and guilt and often comical cultural entanglements, he tries to understand the differences between Irish history and German history and turn the twisted logic of what he is told into truth.

It is a journey that ends in liberation, but not before he uncovers the long-buried secrets that lie at the bottom of his parents wardrobe. In one of the finest books to have emerged from ireland in many years, the acclaimed novelist Hugo Hamilton has finally written his own story – a deeply moving memoir about a whole family's homesickness for a country they can call their own.

The Speckled People - . He himself wants to speak English. This is the most gripping book I've read in ages … It is beautifully written, fascinating, disturbing and often very funny. Roddy doylethe childhood world of Hugo Hamilton, born and brought up in Dublin, is a confused place. His father, a softly spoken german emigrant who has been marked by the Nazi past, demands his children speak Gaelic, while his mother, a sometimes brutal Irish nationalist, speaks to them in German.

The Baker's Daughter: A Novel

Broadway Books - So when an escaped jewish boy arrives on Elsie’s doorstep on Christmas Eve, Elsie understands that opening the door would put all she loves in danger. Sixty years later, reba adams is trying to file a feel-good Christmas piece for the local magazine, Texas, in El Paso, and she sits down with the owner of Elsie's German Bakery for what she expects will be an easy interview.

But reba finds herself returning to the bakery again and again,  anxious to find the heart of the story—a story that resonates with her own turbulent past. She and her family have been protected from the worst of the terror and desperation overtaking her country by a high-ranking Nazi who wishes to marry her.

The Baker's Daughter: A Novel - As the two women's lives become intertwined, both are forced to confront the uncomfortable truths of the past and seek out the courage to forgive. In this new york times bestseller, two women in different eras face similar life-altering decisions, the politics of exclusion, the terrible choices we face in wartime, and the redemptive power of love.

In 1945, elsie schmidt is a naive teenager, as eager for her first sip of champagne as she is for her first kiss. For elsie, reba’s questions are a stinging reminder of that last bleak year of World War II.

Forty Autumns: A Family's Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall

William Morrow - Forty autumns is illustrated with dozens of black-and-white and color photographs. A personal look at a tenuous era that divided a city and a nation, and love—of five women whose spirits could not be broken, Forty Autumns is an intimate and beautifully written story of courage, resilience, and continues to haunt us, and who fought to preserve what matters most: family.

In this illuminating and deeply moving memoir, a former american military intelligence officer goes beyond traditional Cold War espionage tales to tell the true story of her family—of five women separated by the Iron Curtain for more than forty years, and their miraculous reunion after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Forty autumns makes visceral the pain and longing of one family forced to live apart in a world divided by two. Though only a few miles separated american nina and her German relatives—grandmother Oma, Cordula, Aunt Heidi, and cousin, a member of the East German Olympic training team—a bitter political war kept them apart.

Forty Autumns: A Family's Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall - She takes us deep into the tumultuous and terrifying world of East Germany under Communist rule, revealing both the cruel reality her relatives endured and her own experiences as an intelligence officer, running secret operations behind the Berlin Wall that put her life at risk. Growing up near Washington, D.

C. Hanna’s daughter, nina willner became the first female Army Intelligence Officer to lead sensitive intelligence operations in East Berlin at the height of the Cold War. In forty autumns, nina recounts her family’s story—five ordinary lives buffeted by circumstances beyond their control.

White Chrysanthemum

G.P. Putnam's Sons - Hana has lived her entire life under Japanese occupation. There she is forced to become a “comfort woman” in a Japanese military brothel. Until the day hana saves her younger sister from a Japanese soldier and is herself captured and transported to Manchuria. South korea, 2011. But haenyeo are women of power and strength.

Korea, 1943. For fans of min jin lee's pachinko and lilac girls, the heartbreaking history of Korea is brought to life in this deeply moving and redemptive debut that follows two sisters separated by World War II. She will find her way home. As a haenyeo, a female diver of the sea, she enjoys an independence that few other Koreans can still claim.

White Chrysanthemum - Seeing the healing of her children and her country, can emi move beyond the legacy of war to find forgiveness? Suspenseful, and ultimately redemptive, hopeful,  White Chrysanthemum tells a story of two sisters whose love for each other is strong enough to triumph over the grim evils of war. Emi has spent more than sixty years trying to forget the sacrifice her sister made, but she must confront the past to discover peace.