The House at Greenacres: An uplifting, cosy Cornish romance Cornish Hearts Book 1

Canelo Escape #ad - But now an unexpected loss and financial trouble has led her back to the family vineyard and it’s time to tell Rich the truth – he’s a father. Surrounded by the memories of what they once shared Holly’s anger fades in the glow of Rich’s undeniable love for their son and the way he selflessly steps in to help the vineyard out of trouble.

Will be looking out for more’ 5* reader review‘good summer read for anyone who likes Phillipa Ashley or Cathy Bramley!’ 4* Reader review‘A really lovely book and Holly is someone you just want to give a big hug too. A good feel good read’ 5* reader review‘Brilliant plot, excellent main characters that you invest in’ 5* Reader review.

The House at Greenacres: An uplifting, cosy Cornish romance Cornish Hearts Book 1 #ad - My first by this author. Darcie has a magical way of writing that instantly makes you smile and feeling good’ 5* Reader review‘Perfect summer read. All roads lead home…when holly dryden fled Penhallow Sands nearly a year ago she was determined to put the past – and Rich Turner – behind her. A beautiful written light-hearted romance.

As holly watches rich flourish in his new role as father to baby Luke, the future is still theirs to write…An uplifting, she realises that though they can’t change the past, emotional Cornwall-set romance perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Phillipa Ashley. Praise for the house at Greenacres‘A really lovely book.


The Cottage at Plum Tree Bay: An uplifting, cosy Cornish romance Cornish Hearts Book 2

Canelo Escape #ad - It was excellently written, keeping you wanting to read more and more. One summer can change everything. Catherine bromley has spent her life in Penhallow Sands, dedicating herself to work and supporting her emotionally fragile mother. Since her father left, it’s always been the two of them and Catherine has no interest in romance.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone looking for a heartwarming romance that really does make you feel good. Reader Review. But can mark let go of his painful past to be the man that Catherine can rely on? And will Catherine find the courage to let love in?A heart-warming romance set in Cornwall and perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Phillipa Ashley.

The Cottage at Plum Tree Bay: An uplifting, cosy Cornish romance Cornish Hearts Book 2 #ad - Praise for the cottage at plum tree Bay'What an absolute joy this book was to read, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Reader review 'this was an absolutely gorgeous read and I adored every second of reading about such wonderful characters and community. She’s soon bumping into mark everywhere – or being thrown at him by her matchmaking friend! The chemistry is undeniable.

What’s the point when men just leave? And besides, her mother needs her. But when handsome novelist mark Coleman arrives to stay at the cottage overlooking nearby Plum Tree Bay, Catherine’s world is changed. Darcie's female lead was a joy to follow, with so much loss and heart-break in her life, I couldn't not root for her to get the happy ending she so deserves.

Reader review'each book i have read of Darcie’s is a little ray of happiness into your heart, pure unadulterated happiness and warmth in a book.


The Christmas Tea Shop at Rosewood: An uplifting, Cornish festive romance Cornish Hearts Book 3

Canelo Escape #ad - There’s nothing a good cup of tea can’t fix. Even a hopeless love lifefran gandolfini can’t help taking in strays; with four dogs, five cats and two bearded dragons, she refuses to give up on a creature in need. If you’re looking for looking for a lift-your-spirit Christmas story, then I recommend this book to you.

Reader review‘a thoroughly enjoyable and laugh-out-loud book!’ reader review‘What a super third novel in the Cornish Hearts series this is! Introducing new characters, this expands on the feel-good nature of the previous two books and with a gorgeous Christmas setting, love just sparkles all the way through.

The Christmas Tea Shop at Rosewood: An uplifting, Cornish festive romance Cornish Hearts Book 3 #ad - Full of love, laughter and Christmas feelings. The only thing fran has given up on, in fact, is her love life. Moving from the city to penhallow sands to work in the Tea Shop, Ethan Clarke hopes he’s made the right choice for his daughter, Tilly. Fran can’t tell Ethan the truth, but she hates lying to him more.

Gets you in the mood for the holidays! such a fun read! Fall in love with Fran, Ethan, Holly, Tillie and many more as you read this book.5* reader review/p>‘i found this book to be a delightful, who has given up on her love life, romantic love story involving Fran, and Ethan a single father. With some wonderful, heartwarming story that captures the essence of life in a small community, and absolutely earning a full five shining stars!’ 5* Reader review‘This was a lovely, with everything you could possibly want in a festive rom-com and perfectly timed to set you up for your own sparkling Christmastime, magical moments this is a delicious read, focusing on the importance of family and friends supporting one another.

Reader review ‘a sweet romantic festive tale of new love, yummy food and misunderstandings.


A Little Hotel in Cornwall

#ad - But when the hotel mistakes her for the latest applicant for a maid's position, Maisie finds herself given an opportunity too good to lose. Will maisie find the chance she's been waiting for — and a possible new romance — in her perfect Cornish summer?A feel-good, escapist romance in the spirit of adventurous titles by Jill Mansell, Lucy Coleman, and Hannah Ellis! .

When she receives the author's reply in an envelope with a Cornish postmark, Maisie decides not to take the writer's half-hearted 'no' for an answer. And a chance for a summer adventure far bigger than she ever imagined. Surrounded by breathtaking cornwall and working in an elegant hotel, charming local resident Sidney Daniels has her conflicted about her heart's desires, a certain handsome, and unintentional mishaps — and despite reminders of past relationship disasters, quirky friends, Maisie's world becomes one of secret identities, too.

A Little Hotel in Cornwall #ad - Desperate, a celebrated but reclusive English novelist, she decides to take a chance and ask her favourite writer, to help her find a second chance. Struggling american waitress and aspiring novelist Maisie Clark dreams of becoming a full-time writer — even though in real life she's just lost her chance at an exclusive writer's mentorship program that would give her novel its big break.

With nothing to lose, she takes off for the author's last known location, a beautiful hotel on Cornwall's western coast.


A Train from Penzance to Paris A Little Hotel in Cornwall Book 5

#ad - Their critique and advice is fast becoming as important as the editors – maybe even more important than the published author Maisie believed held the keys to refining her skill. And when she unwittingly becomes privy to a seeming literary conspiracy, she must decide what to do in light of its truth – and decide what’s most important in her quest to become a professional writer.

Join maisie in a whirlwind tour across two of the world’s greatest cities, and a chance for fame that she believed far beyond her grasp, dreams, filled with questions, as she discovers herself as a writer, and how to embrace an unexpected future on her own terms. Separated from sidney by distance and circumstances, Maisie fears that their connection will be lost despite her words to him – and maybe because of those words, and the ones she didn’t allow him to say in return.

A Train from Penzance to Paris A Little Hotel in Cornwall Book 5 #ad - Meanwhile, there are plenty of things in her new life trying to distract her – the professional editor hired to critique her novel, the eager young literary agent who sees pie-in-the-sky potential for Maisie’s talent, but Maisie finds solace in the eclectic group of amateur writers into whose midst she finds herself by accident.

His unspoken answer has become one of the most important pieces of her life, even as she struggles to match the pace of her new life and keep her dreams in sight. Instead of making beds and serving coffee at the penmarrow hotel in Cornwall, meeting famous writers at private dinner parties, she’s making notes on her manuscript while sitting in a French cafe, and trying to ferret the secrets behind the author’s unfinished future novel.

When maisie accepts a celebrated author’s invitation to mentor her, she finds herself leaving Cornwall behind on train tracks bound for the glitter city of Paris. It’s glamorous, and, more importantly, it’s breathtaking … but it’s also an ocean channel away from the place that she loves, the person to whom she just recently confessed her deepest feelings.


The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings: A gorgeously feel good and heartwarming romance to escape with

Bookouture #ad - Perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Debbie Macomber. Why readers are falling in love with The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings:‘Oozed charm and warmth and I loved everything about it…. Loved it!’ by the letter book Reviews, 5 stars‘Made me laugh and melted my heart. I devoured the entire book in one sitting as the story invited me in with it's warmth… I found that I just couldn't put it down…heart-warming and uplifting… an all round perfect pick me up of a read that I couldn't put down.

Stacy is Reading. He works hard as a builder, with his faithful dog Jaws by his side, but something is missing and he dreams of bigger things. The perfect read for a gloomy spring day to warm you up. B for bookreview, it just gave you that warm, 5 stars‘An utter joy to read from start to finish, feel-good feeling inside… Charming, warm and wonderful.

Shaz’s book blog‘oh my goodness! The perfect summer novel… Fabulous…This is the feel-good book of the year. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘just wow…what a fabulous read… i fell in love with Sunflower Island… I found this hard to put down and didn’t want it to end… Will definitely be adding Donna Ashcroft to my favourite authors.

The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings: A gorgeously feel good and heartwarming romance to escape with #ad - Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘Filled to the brim with heart and soul that left me grinning from ear to ear. Wonderful!!’ stardust book reviews, fresh-baked scones, 5 starsThe Sunshine Hideaway, and stunning view of Sunflower Island’s golden beaches, with its big bay windows, is the only place Madison Skylar has ever truly thought of as home.

Lovely and heart-warming!… i was hooked on this book from the very first page…Grab it now and settle down to enjoy the loveliness that this book gives!


New Beginnings at Wynter House Wyntersleap series Book 2

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - The wyntersleap series is interlinked with the Merriment Bay series and several characters appear in both series. At least she has her best friend, Jo Duncan to lean on. But newly single, jo is determined to have some fun, both at Wynter House and in Merriment Bay. Now a shocking secret has life-changing consequences for the Wynters, as the New Year brings revelations.

. And relatives to Wynter House. It also brings Hazel Smart and Amelia Goodbody. Perhaps she should enlist her niece, sasha’s help because just when she thought she had found the love of her life, old secrets, ghosts from the past, and new arrivals might shatter all her dreams. And it’s not just adam and Rafe Wynter who are pleased Hazel and Amelia have come to stay.

New Beginnings at Wynter House Wyntersleap series Book 2 #ad - Olivia wynter will enjoy bossing nurse hazel around and she also makes it clear Amelia – who is handling the marketing for Rafe’s new business venture – is far more suited to be her grandson’s girlfriend than Neva will ever be. Whilst amelia is ensconced at Wynter House, Neva is busy with her new hair and beauty salon in Merriment Bay.

And so is Adam Wynter. This is book two in the Wyntersleap series but it can be read as a standalone. The new year brings unexpected revelations at Wynter House.


Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts: A heartwarming laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - Hatties home for broken hearts is an amazing feel good book. But as she returns home she finds her parents struggling to cope with a terrible family tragedy. In a desperate search for a new start, the taciturn owner, Hattie takes a job at the donkey sanctuary nearby on Sweet Briar Farm where Jo, certainly loves her animals far more than humans.

I raced through the story finishing it in an afternoon. Enough to almost draw tears but then break out in a big smile. Stunning. I loved every minute of this beautiful read’ shaz’s book blogescape to the daisy-strewn windswept Dorset cliffs, that in this world, to the donkey sanctuary at Sweet Briar Farm, where Hattie Rose is about to find, the most unlikely opposites can sometimes attract …Hattie was once thrilled to call the beautiful city of Paris her home.

Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts: A heartwarming laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - 5 stars ‘i fell in love with the donkeys straight away, my favourite was definitely Norbert… Overall, just like Hattie! They all seemed to have their own personalities and I thought that they all were so cute! But, this was a heart-warming story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The cosiest Corner, Five stars.

I couldn't help feeling like the grinch whose heart grew several sizes while reading this wonderful story. The reading chemist‘Another fabulous story from Tilly. Amazing characters, a fabulous storyline and a great setting.


The Mill on Magnolia Lane: A gorgeous feel good romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - But is she just about to fall in love with someone she shouldn’t? When Lizzie loses her larger-than-life dad she doesn’t know how to move forward. I felt like I was friends with all the characters. But when jude’s ex- girlfriend harriet arrives back on the scene, Lizzie begins to wonder if life wasn’t far simpler before she moved to the mill.

A gorgeous comfort read, with characters to fall in love with from the start. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘This is another wonderful book from Ms. What readers are saying about The Mill on Magnolia Lane: ‘A fabulous, feel good book. Perfect read for the summer days!’ south Dublin Reads‘What a great story, I got really involved in the rebuilding of the windmill and the family dynamics.

The Mill on Magnolia Lane: A gorgeous feel good romantic comedy #ad - That will make you go through every single emotion possible. The description of the countryside around the windmill was so realistic I could picture the hedgerows and smell the wild flowers… A definite holiday read. Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars‘a delightful escape, and if you're looking for a fun country romance, check out The Mill on Magnolia Lane.

Sasha wichita‘i love Tilly Tennant’s books and her writing. It has a great story line, excellent main characters and it is a real page turner.


A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores A Little Hotel in Cornwall Book 2

#ad - An eccentric earl has chosen this site to host his lavish birthday celebration that includes a pretty and perceptive young psychic whose predictions seem to have everyone on edge — and, to Maisie's delight, the elusive novelist Alistair Davies is rumored to be part of the guest list! But with the earl's bickering relatives and illustrious friends on hand— and more than one ghost of the past waiting to be revealed — it’s anyone’s guess what the festivities will bring before the party is over.

Will the psychic foretell doom for the earl's gathering—and is her ‘gift’ as genuine as it seems? Will Maisie finally meet her favorite author face to face? And, more importantly, what about the romantic sparks that fly between Maisie and Sidney? It looks like a perfect cornish autumn, with aspiring novelist Maisie Clark still finding inspiration as a maid at the historic Penmarrow Hotel.

A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores A Little Hotel in Cornwall Book 2 #ad - But even maisie’s imagination can't conjure the unusual event this Halloween brings to the Penmarrow. Between the staff of quirky co-workers, and her growing friendship with the charming but mysterious Sidney Daniels, glamorous and unusual guests, Maisie is living out adventures instead of just penning them in the pages of her would-be Gothic novel's growing number of chapters.

And then there's the slight problem of keeping the balance between friendship and 'something more' with Sidney, who's helping introduce her to the village's version of a Cornish Halloween, and has recently taken an interest in Maisie's secret that may change things between them.


Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Two: Sparks Fly

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - A very well deserved 5* out of 5*. Besides, cat’s not looking for romance. Part two of this heartwarming four-part serial about finding the strength to put the past behind you and to reach out for a future filled with happiness and love. I actually want to move to Merriment Bay, Harvale has created a wonderful setting for this story.

Little miss booklover 87“it is 5 stars from me for this one, i really enjoyed the plot and the author’s writing style was fabulous as always – very highly recommended!!” – Donna’s Book Blog“Mystery and hints of love made this a fabulous read. She also knew sparks would fly the moment they came face to face.

She wants to find out all she can about the man in the photo in Viola’s trunk. It forms book one in emily Harvale's Merriment Bay series which is interconnected to her Wyntersleap series. Apart from the fact they don’t get on, amias wasn’t interested in Cat before the accident that left the ugly scars on her face and body, so he definitely won’t be attracted to her now.

Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Two: Sparks Fly #ad - Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series. What readers and reviewers are saying:“Sparks Fly is definitely an appropriate title for this book; I have adored it. Ginger Book Geek. They never did get on and nothing has changed in eighteen years – except that Amias is even more annoying.

So why does cat still catch her breath whenever he looks her way? The fact he flies a vintage Spitfire for the Merriment Bay WWII Museum doesn’t interest Cat, but his knowledge of the former RAF pilots stationed there certainly does.