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MP Publishing Limited #ad - B. But not for long. They are crazy, but not asked to be quiet: “Go ahead, Uncle Ralph, where was it they landed?” And no one laughs. Good reading that tunes up your mind and echoes in your heart. Sonny brewer owned Over the Transom Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama. This second volume hits its own sonorous note, strong like the distant rumble of thunder that promises cooling rain and sweet relief.

Fannie flagg and Jill Conner Browne and W. He now edits for macadam cagein 2010 he edited the collection of autobiographical essays: Don't Quit your Day Job. Or they do, and somebody pulls a gun and everything goes quiet again. Editing, publishing, from magazine editing to teaching high school English, and writing have been the consistent thread in a tapestry of work and jobs that has included everything from radar and electronics repair to deck-handing on a tugboat, from freelance writing for lawyers and corporations to finding and publishing new writers.

Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe 2 #ad - Book-ended by stories from larry brown and william gay—two masters of storytelling from a tradition that’s rooted south of the Mason-Dixon—this collection runs the scale from humor to pathos and back again, picking up a poem here and there, an essay or two, and a concert of stories. In voices that are rich and distinct, the skills of these writers blend to lift up a harmony that’s foursquare and solid.

Readers embraced the first volume of Stories from the Blue Moon Café and it was praised by reviewers across the country. E. Griffin lend their bestseller styles, and eighteen-year-old Eric Kingrea proves we’re growing new authors down South who only used to be unheard of.


Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe 3 Stories from the Blue Moon Café

MP Publishing Limited #ad - His debut novel, the poet of tolstoy park, was released in 2005; and was followed by A Sound Like Thunder; Cormac: the Tale of a Dog Gone Missing; and The Widow and the Tree. Proving that the waters of southern talent run deep and that traditions are meant to be both honored and stood on their ear, the third volume of Stories from the Blue Moon Café presents the most talented practitioners of Southern writing.

This third volume sets a new standard. Northeast mississippi daily journal“…the most attractive aspect of these stories is that each author speaks his truth unflinchingly, be it pleasant or ugly… In a paean to humanity at its best and worst with a Southern twist, Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe III evokes the bittersweet angst of a way of life so deeply embedded that its memory shrouds the future still.

CurledUp. Com“who knew reading and writing could be so thrilling…”clarion Ledger“…these books Stories from the Blue Moon Café III and The Alumni Grill represent an extraordinary fecundity that future literary scholars will no doubt marvel over. Mobile register“sonny brewer brings together the best of an ‘annual literary slugfest’…luckily for readers, these blue moons are coming around pretty often.

Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe 3 Stories from the Blue Moon Café #ad - Times Picayune. Not so with these books…a consistently strong, yet consistently diverse, collection of writers from across the South. Nashville scene“new readers will find much to love while old readers will be pleased yet again. Southern scribe“readers can choose a level of literary elegance and edginess that best suits them…a raw power that’s off the charts.


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MP Publishing Limited #ad - This collection of thirty Southern writers gathers some of the finest authors in the country—with stories, essays, and a poem. Terry Cline, Jr. Pat conroytom corcoranbeth Ann FennellyPatricia FosterTom FranklinWilliam GayJim GilbertW. E. B. Demonstrating a range of styles, topics, and themes these stories display each writer’s craftsmanship and talent and together form a testament to the grand literary tradition of the South.

About the editorsonny Brewer owns Over the Transom Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama. Griffinwinston groommelinda haynesfrank turner hollonsilas houseSuzanne HudsonDouglas KelleyTom KellyMichael KnightBev MarshallJennifer PaddockBarbara Robinette MossJudith RichardsRichard ShackelfordGeorge SingletonMonroe ThompsonSidney ThompsonBrad WatsonSteve Yarbrough.

Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe 1 #ad - He was editor of the city magazine in mobile, and a feature columnist; he edited an anthology of Fairhope writers and artists called Red Bluff Review, associate editor of an Alabama weekly newspaper, and is the author of a parable on aging cleverly disguised as a children’s book, Rembrandt the Rocker, Alabama, and a book of dime-store philosophy called A Yin for Change.

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