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Stitch, Fabric & Thread: An inspirational guide for creative stitchers

Alternatively, couching tumbled crockery, printing, dyeing, try a host of other techniques such as quilting, creating pleats and puckers and needlelace. Packed with stitch galleries and bursting with slow sewing ideas, the book also contains 'behind the stitches' features: illuminating insights into sewing movements such as Boro textiles, Gee's Bend quilting and Dorset buttons.

This inventive book is a treasure trove of over 40 inspiring practical exercises, a rich and creative exploration of fabric and stitch, and a fascinating all-round read. Experiment with stitch, fabric and thread to create your own unique textiles. Elizabeth healey's approach to sewing is that it should be fun, and not like a chore or an exam we need to excel in.

Stitch fabric thread An Inspirational Guide for Creative Stitchers. Her aim is to simply encourage you to pick up a needle and thread and get sewing! the exercises draw inspiration from around the world: create corded works of art inspired by Milton Glaser's iconic Bob Dylan poster; create bold embroidered African masks; layer up and cut away to create Mola applique; use bleach and fabric paint to create Aboriginal dreamtime lizards; create knotted works of art inspired by ancient Mayan counting systems; embroider varsity cross-stitch letters or try out decorative Japanese book binding.


Elle Decoration - British Edition

A definitive guide to the most desirable, trend-setting, stylish and contemporary homes today. Stitch fabric thread An Inspirational Guide for Creative Stitchers.

Boro - Rags And Tatters From The Far North Of Japan

Stitch fabric thread An Inspirational Guide for Creative Stitchers. Blankets, futon covers, bags, diapers, trousers, uniforms and traditional Japanese clothing are some of the items presented here, many in fine detail, accompanied by full colour photographs and historical and explanatory notes. On the northernmost tip of the main island of Japan an astonishing textile aesthetic has been operating for many years, called 'boro rags stichery.

Born out of desperate necessity, this intricate needlework has remained largely unknown because of its embarrassing associations with poverty, but can now also be explained as a loving frugality towards cloth and sewing techniques. This fascinating publication presents a unique survey of these clothing and furnishing pieces that have been collected over many years and will in turn raise fundamental questions in fashion and design circles everywhere.

In fact, if exactingly reproduced and labelled with designer tags, these rags could deliver haute couture prices.