Please Forgive Me

- If you liked The Notebook, you'll love this. Closer leonie was in love and engaged. But now she has fled her beloved Dublin to start again - somewhere no one knows her or the secret she's running from. Settling in to her new home in one of san francisco’s famous victorian houses, she happens upon a bundle of love letters on Valentine's Day - all written by a man called Nathan to an unknown woman and all intriguingly ending with the same three words 'Please forgive me'.

Moved by nathan's heartfelt sentiments, Leonie sets out to uncover the mystery behind the couple and what went wrong between them. A heartwarming, escapist romance from the usa today bestselling author of THE GIFT OF A CHARM & A GIFT TO REMEMBER - now a Hallmark original movie. If she gets the letters to their intended recipient, might the love of Nathan's life find it in her heart to forgive him?And along the way, Leonie might just resolve a few forgiveness issues of her own.

Ties That Bind

- What she didn’t know was the depth of the cover-up. Pat always knew she was adopted. Ties that bind is one woman’s journey on the path to self-discovery as she puts the pieces of her past together. Her journey to find out the truth exposes a more meaningful discovery giving Pat the peace she always yearned for.

With her private investigator husband, the two set out for a road trip that takes them from California to Iowa to uncover the deep, Charles, dark secrets that have plagued her for years.

Five Unforgivable Things

One More Chapter - After years of struggling, she was finally pregnant after pioneering IVF. Natalie knows she won’t be like most brides in her wheelchair, but it’s the fact her father won’t be there to walk her down the aisle that breaks her heart. Her siblings, but it isn’t just their father who is missing from their lives… as the secrets that have fractured the family rise to the surface, Ollie, Beth and Jenny, gather around Natalie, can they learn to forgive each other before it’s too late? .

Perfect for fans of Sue Fortin. Over twenty years ago, Kate’s dream came true. Neither kate nor her husband, dan, could have known the price that they would have to pay to fulfil their cherished wish of having their own family. Now, years later, their daughter Natalie is getting married and she’s fulfilling her own dream of marrying her childhood sweetheart.

Five Unforgivable Things - One family torn apart by secrets and betrayals. But the dream came at a cost.

Before Ever After: A Novel

Crown - She and paolo jet across the globe to track Max down--if it is really Max. That is, until the doorbell rings. Paolo tells her that the man in the photos, the bearded man who Paolo says is his grandfather though he never seems to age, is Max. A smartly written romance, mystery and historical adventure all wrapped up in a page-turner that will have you guessing until the very end.

Adena halpern, author of the ten best days of my Life  Three years after her husband Max's death, Shelley feels no more adjusted to being a widow than she did that first terrible day. Along the way, shelley recounts the European package tour where they had met. Standing on her front step is a young man who looks so much like Max--same smile, same eyes, same age, same adorable bump in his nose--he could be Max's long-lost relation.

Before Ever After: A Novel - He introduces himself as Paolo, an Italian editor of American coffee table books, and shows Shelley some childhood photos. As she relives max's stories of bloody parisian barricades, and buried Roman boathouses, medieval Austrian kitchens, Shelley begins to piece together the story of who her husband was and what these new revelations mean for her "happily ever after.

And as she and paolo get closer to the truth, Shelley discovers that not all stories end where they are supposed to. And he is alive and well. As outrageous as paolo's claims seem--how could her husband be alive? And if he is, why hasn't he looked her up?--Shelley desperately wants to know the truth. Her Max.

The Sweet By and By: A Novel

HarperCollins e-books - First-time author todd johnson—who was a co-producer with oprah Winfrey of Broadway’s The Color Purple—makes an indelible literary mark with a debut novel that bestselling author Adriana Trigiani Very Valentine calls, “heartfelt and stunning. People magazine chose the sweet by and by as one of its “Great Reads for Your Book Club, ” saying, “Steel Magnolias fans will love this one.

”. Gentle, sensitive. Sometimes funny, occasionally sad, and ultimately life-affirming. Winston-salem journal the sweet by and by is the story of five southern women of different ages and from very different backgrounds whose lives come together in a journey of courage, hope, and humor.

The Right Thing

Kensington Books - Starr, pregnant by a powerful married man who wants her to get out of town, has nowhere to turn. In this deceptively breezy novel of Southern women and the disaster and triumph of long-term friendships not to mention racetracks and horses, Ms. Mix fannie flagg, rebecca wells, kathryn stockett, then add just a dash of Flannery O'Connor, and you'll wind up with the wholly original voice that is Amy Conner's.

Moving, with a little luck, and beautifully told, the powerful impact of friendship, witty, and the small acts that can anchor a life--or, The Right Thing is a story of love and courage, steer it in the right direction at last. Conner has staked a claim to her own Southern turf. Bret lott, new york times bestselling author of Jewel"This riveting debut novel shows how true friendship can span a social gulf and endure even across a chasm of time.

During the eventful road trip that follows, Annie will confront the gap between friendship and responsibility; between her safe, ordered existence and the dreams she's grown accustomed to denying. Skinny, mississippi, outspoken starr dukes and her wandering preacher father may not be accepted by polite society in Jackson, but Annie and Starr are too busy sharing secrets and playing elaborate games of Queen for a Day to care.

The Right Thing - She's written a touching story about a woman's search for herself and the endurance of a childhood friendship, outlined it in humor, and delivered it with beautiful prose. And annie, determined not to fail her friend this time, agrees to drive Starr to New Orleans to get money she's owed. On a scorching august day in 1963, seven-year-old Annie Banks meets the girl who will become her best friend.

The Stationmaster's Cottage River's End Mystery Romance Book 1

Phillipa Nefri Clark - Days turn into weeks as she lingers in the cottage to solve its secrets. What happened all that time ago to tear apart a young couple on the night of their engagement party? And what connects them to Dorothy?Their heartbreaking story leads Christie to reclusive artist, Martin Blake. When her grandmother dies in a remote seaside town, Christie Ryan is stunned to inherit an old cottage from the woman who raised, and then turned her back on her.

As her complicated life back in the city calls, Christie is torn between going home, and the town which has stolen her heart. The stationmaster's cottage sweeps you to another era and back, to the complicated relationships between sisters, and a true love which will break your heart and mend it again. New edition april 2019 completely re-edited**.

The Stationmaster's Cottage River's End Mystery Romance Book 1 - His refusal to help is at odds with their immediate connection. She finds old love letters and unworn wedding rings in the cottage attic and is drawn into a fifty-year-old mystery. It makes no sense that wealthy Dorothy Ryan travelled so far to die alone. On a short break from her high-flying career, Christie visits the tiny town of River's End for a day.

Those Other Women: A Novel

William Morrow - What better way to vent than social media?With Annalise, she creates an invitation-only Facebook group that quickly takes off. Suddenly, poppy feels like she’s back in control—until someone begins leaking the group’s private posts and stirring up a nasty backlash, shattering her confidence. Feeling judged by disapproving female colleagues and her own disappointed children, Frankie, too, is careening towards the breaking point.

She also knows something shocking about her boss—sensitive knowledge that is tearing her apart. As things begin to slide disastrously, dangerously out of control, carefully concealed secrets and lies are exposed with devastating consequences—forcing these women to face painful truths about their lives and the things they do to survive.

Those Other Women: A Novel - A story of privilege, unspoken rivalries, and small acts of vengeance with huge repercussions sure to please fans of Sarah Jio and Ruth Ware. Overwhelmed at the office and reeling from betrayals involving the people she loves, Poppy feels as if her world has tipped sideways. A firecracker of a novel. Liane moriarty, #1 new york times bestselling author of big Little LiesThe author of The Fifth Letter takes a laser look at the uneasy relationships between women and the real-world ramifications of online conflicts and social media hostilities in this stunning domestic drama.

Maybe her colleague, annalise, is right—Poppy needs to let loose and blow off some steam.

Summer of Roses: A Novel

Bantam - She does it so well. Usa today. Luanne rice has enticed millions of readers by enveloping them in stories that are wrapped in the hot, sultry weather of summer. Few novelists touch our hearts, quicken our souls, and enrich our lives like Luanne Rice. And each woman will face choices that will irrevocably shape all the seasons to come—between lives left behind, mysteries unsolved, and loves that must be reclaimed or abandoned forever.

. But now a stranger from faraway New England has made his way to Cape Hawk, bearing secrets from the past and news of an uncertain future. And the magic that makes it whole again. On the windswept coast of nova Scotia, two friends and their young daughters have found refuge in the rugged community of Cape Hawk.

Summer of Roses: A Novel - . Marisa taylor and young Jessica are beginning to recapture the music that once filled their world with joy. Lily malone and nine-year-old Rose are making a new home with a man who will do whatever it takes to protect them. All the ways it can be broken.

All You Could Ask For: A Novel

William Morrow - All you could ask for, is a tender and insightful story of friendship and love, debut novel by Mike Greenberg, cohost of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, heartbreak and renewal, played out in the lives of three unforgettable women. Brooke has been happily married to her college sweetheart for fifteen years.

That is why, romantic, for her beloved, successful husband’s fortieth birthday, she is giving him pictures. Of herself. Naked. Newlywed samantha learns of her husband’s cheating heart when she finds the goods on his computer. High-powered career woman Katherine works with heartbreaker Phillip, the man who hurt her early on in her career.

All You Could Ask For: A Novel - Brooke, samantha, and katherine don’t know each other, but their stories are about to intertwine in ways no one could have imagined. And all three are about to discover the power of friendship to conquer adversity, the satisfaction of unexpected delights, the incredible difference one human being can have on other lives--and that they have all they could ask for, as long as they have each other.

Even after the c-section, the dog poop, the stomach viruses and the coffee breath, Scott always winks at her in just the right moments.

All Because of You Lakeview Contemporary Romance Book 2

- Fairytale husband eric doesn't seem so Prince Charming any more and their dream move from the city to the small tourist village of Lakeview is not working out as planned. What the novels have in common is that each is set/partly set in the same picturesque village, and features some recurring secondary characters and locations.

Glamorous london pr girl Natalie has everything she ever wanted - except a husband. And when she employs tara to coach her in landing the latest 'man of her dreams', the women soon discover they have a lot more in common than either could ever imagine. Lakeview seriesthe heartbreak cafeall because of younever say neverwishful thinkingthe guest listthe wedding invitechristmas at the heartbreak cafesummer at the heartbreak cafenote: lakeview books can be read standalone and in any order as they are all separate stories/characters.

All Because of You Lakeview Contemporary Romance Book 2 - From the usa today bestselling author of the heartbREAK CAFE is another novel in her popular small-town romance series featuring the pretty Irish tourist village of Lakeview. Blissfully escapist. Closersome things really do happen for a reason….