Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life

Penguin Books - Her crackling, ” and “necrophilia” that is, unfiltered wit brings colorful life to pieces like “What Writers Do All Day, ” “How to Fall for a Younger Man, sexual attraction to men who are dead inside. Addonizio vividly captures moments of inspiration at the writing desk or bed and adventures on the road—from a champagne-and-vodka-fueled one-night stand at a writing conference to sparsely attended readings at remote Midwestern colleges.

And she turns a tender yet still comic eye to her family: her father, who sparked her love of poetry; her mother, a former tennis champion who struggled through Parkinson’s at the end of her life; and her daughter, who at a young age chanced upon some erotica she had written for Penthouse. Somewhere between jo ann beard’s the boys of My Youth and Amy Schumer’s stand-up exists Kim Addonizio’s style of storytelling.

Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life - . Penguin Group USA. As a writer of provocative poems and stories, she has encountered success along with snark: one critic dismissed her as “Charles Bukowski in a sundress. Why not walt whitman in a sparkly tutu?” she muses. Now, in this utterly original memoir in essays, she opens up to chronicle the joys and indignities in the life of a writer wandering through middle age.

At once intimate and outrageous, addonizio’s memoir radiates all the wit and heartbreak and ever-sexy grittiness that her fans have come to love—and that new readers will not soon forget. At once biting and vulnerable, nostalgic without ever veering off into sentimentality.

Mortal Trash: Poems

W. W. Norton & Company - Except thou ravish me, ” reimagines john donne’s famous “Batter my heart, Three-person’d God” as told from the perspective of a victim of domestic violence. Whether comic, elegiac, or ironic, the poems in Mortal Trash remind us of the beauty and absurdity of our time on earth. From “scrapbook”: we believe in the one-ton rose and the displaced toilet equally.

Like pablo neruda, edible panties, evian bottles, lawn gnomes, Addonizio hears “a swarm of objects that call without being answered”: hospital crash carts, wind-up Christmas creches, cracked mirrors. Our blues assume you understand not much, just as we do, and try to be alive, and that it may be helpful to hold the hand of someone as lost as you.

Mortal Trash: Poems - Kim addonizio’s voice lifts from the page, alive and biting―unleashing wit with a ruthless observation. San francisco book reviewpassionate and irreverent, lament, Mortal Trash transports the readers into a world of wit, and desire. In a section called “over the Bright and Darkened Lands, ” canonical poems are torqued into new shapes.

What Is This Thing Called Love: Poems

W. W. Norton & Company - Poetry from the author of Tell Me, a finalist for the National Book Award. A chestnut with a white blaze is scorching across the turf towards the finishing post.

Tell Me American Poets Continuum

BOA Editions Ltd. - Poems of loneliness and late nights, liquor and loss.

Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within

W. W. Norton & Company - In this fresh approach to writing poetry, the coauthor of the perennially popular The Poet's Companion offers sharp insights into the craft of writing. Chapters on gender, addiction, race and class, metaphor and line invite each individual writer to find and to hone his or her unique voice. Lively, accessible, and informative, Ordinary Genius?provides wisdom gleaned through personal experience and offers a heady variety of writing exercises.

. Not a means to an end, but an ongoing participation. A widely acclaimed poet and finalist for the national book Award, Addonizio meditates on her own process as she encourages writers to explore both their personal and political worlds, to seek inspiration from poets new and old, and to discover the rich poetic resources of the Internet.

Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within - The creative process is just that, " maintains Kim Addonizio. This is the perfect book for both experienced writers and beginners eager to glimpse the angel of poetry.

The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry

W. W. Norton & Company - On your own, " while groups, in or out of the classroom, this book can be your "teacher, can profit from sharing weekly assignments. From the nuts and bolts of craft to the sources of inspiration, this book is for anyone who wants to write poetry-and do it well. The poet's companion presents brief essays on the elements of poetry, and suggested subjects for writing, technique, each followed by distinctive writing exercises.

The ups and downs of writing life―including self-doubt and writer's block―are here, along with tips about getting published and writing in the electronic age.

Lucifer at the Starlite: Poems

W. W. Norton & Company - Whether looking outward to events on the world stage―the war in Iraq, the 2004 Asian tsunami―or inward at struggles with the self, these poems aim at the heart and against the feeling that Lucifer may have already won the day. I’m worth      as much, i show      my face, but I care; I come down here, I’m a real regular.

The ceo      has lost touch with the details. Addonizio doesn't do pretty; beneath her considerable wit is a wickedly sharp edge. Library journal, lucifer at the starlite explores life’s dual nature: good and evil, light and dark, starred review With both passion and precision, suffering and moments of unexpected joy.

Lucifer at the Starlite: Poems - From “lucifer at the starlite”      here’s my bright idea for life on earth:      better management. A toast:      to our boys and girls in the war, to everybody here, grinding      through sand, our host      who’s mostly mist, like methane rising.

Wild Nights: New & Selected Poems

Bloodaxe Books Ltd - America's kim addonizio has been called 'one of the nation's most provocative and edgy poets'. With passion, exposing raw emotions often only visible when truly confronting ourselves - jealousy, her poems explore life's dual nature: good and evil, self-pity, light and dark, precision and irreverent honesty, fear, joy and suffering, lust.

. Her poetry is renowned both for its gritty, street-wise narrators and for a wicked sense of wit.

Calling a Wolf a Wolf

Alice James Books - Poems confront craving, control, the constant battle of alcoholism and sobriety, and the questioning of the self and its instincts within the context of this never-ending fight. From "stop me if you've heard this one before":      Sometimes you just have to leavewhatever's real to you, you have to clompthrough fields and kick the caps offall the toadstools.

The recipient of a 2016 ruth lilly and dorothy sargent rosenberg fellowship from the Poetry Foundation and the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, Akbar was born in Tehran, Iran, and currently lives and teaches in Florida. Sometimesyou have to march all the way to Galileeor the literal foot of God himself before you realizeyou've already passed the place whereyou were supposed to die.

Calling a Wolf a Wolf - The struggle from late youth on, with and without God, agony, narcotics and love is a torment rarely recorded with such sustained eloquence and passion as you will find in this collection. Fanny howethis highly-anticipated debut boldly confronts addiction and courses the strenuous path of recovery, beginning in the wilds of the mind.

I can no longer rememberthe being afraid, only that it came to an end. Kaveh akbar is the founding editor of Divedapper. His poems appear recently or soon in the new Yorker, Tin House,  PBS NewsHour, APR, Ploughshares, Poetry, and elsewhere.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds

Copper Canyon Press - What a gift this book is. Li-young lee"vuong takes from Pound the ability to eternalize a moment. Poetry "even as vuong leads you through every pleasure a body deserves and all the ensuing grief, singing along to the radio, these poems restore you with hope, that godforsaken thing--alive, suddenly sufficient.

Traci brimhall "what this poet sees on the street, in a blizzard, or even while studying an apple reminds me of those dreams we have in common: dreams in which we are falling but never touch the ground, dreams in which we are naked in the presence of men suited for our ruin. Jericho brown Night sky with Exit Wounds.

At once vulnerable and redemptive, dreamlike and visceral, compassionate and unforgiving, these poems seek a myriad existence without forgetting the prerequisite of self-preservation in a world bent on extinguishing its othered voices. From the outside, Vuong has fashioned a poetry of inclusion. The new yorker"a masterpiece that captures, with elegance, the raw sorrows and joys of human existence.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds - Buzzfeed books"An important new voice in American poetry. Beloit poetry journal"What a treasure Ocean Vuong is to us. Vuong's poems show, through breath, and unrepentant enthrallment, cadence, that a gentle palm on a chest can calm the most necessary of hungers. Praise for ocean vuong:"reading Vuong is like watching a fish move: he manages the varied currents of English with muscled intuition.

Bright Dead Things: Poems

Milkweed Editions - Limón has often been a poet who wears her heart on her sleeve, but in these extraordinary poems that heart becomes a “huge beating genius machine” striving to embrace and understand the fullness of the present moment. I am full of love. I am dying, ” the poet writes. Night sky with Exit Wounds. Milkweed Editions.

I am beautiful. Building on the legacies of forebears such as frank o’Hara, and Mark Doty, Sharon Olds, Limón’s work is consistently generous and accessible—though every observed moment feels complexly thought, felt, and lived. Finalist for the national book award and national book critics circle award a best poetry book of 2015: New York Times and Buzzfeed Bright Dead Things examines the chaos that is life, and the search to find something that is ultimately “disorderly, and marvelous, the dangerous thrill of living in a world you know you have to leave one day, and ours.

Bright Dead Things: Poems - A book of bravado and introspection, of 21st century feminist swagger and harrowing terror and loss, this fourth collection considers how we build our identities out of place and human contact—tracing in intimate detail the various ways the speaker’s sense of self both shifts and perseveres as she moves from New York City to rural Kentucky, loses a dear parent, ages past the capriciousness of youth, and falls in love.