Blood Tide: A Novel

Skyhorse - While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. A winner. Blood tide is the best high-adventure escape I’ve taken in years. Elmore leonardin the tradition of clive cussler and Alistair MacLean, Blood Tide is a gripping novel of betrayal and revenge set in a remote and lawless corner of the Philippines.

Unjustly blamed for a failed escape attempt from a North Vietnamese prison, James Culdee, a career US Navy noncom who has served his country with distinction for twenty years, is suddenly and unfairly forced into a disgraceful retirement. Arriving in the flyaways, culdee and miranda join a band of filipinio insurgents plotting to overthrow a tyrannical American drug lord, where local pirates and drug smugglers are as treacherous as the hidden shoals and reefs, who may or may not be the same “slimy” who betrayed Culdee in Vietnam.

Filled with action, suspense, and nautical lore, courage, Blood Tide is a tale of intrigue, and passion—of a father and a daughter’s battle against overwhelming odds in infernal jungles where murder is a sport and madness a way of life. Skyhorse publishing, political and medical thrillers, historical fiction, literary classics including Shakespeare, classic literature, romance, erotic and love stories, comedy, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, mystery, satire, folklore and mythology, novellas, Wilde, Yucca, Dumas, as well as our Arcade, Cather, and much more.

Blood Tide: A Novel - Devestated, a charter-boat skipper whose sloop, Culdee retreats into alcoholism until he is rescued by his daughter, the Seamark, Miranda, has been stolen. When miranda learns that the seamark has been sighted into the dangerous and primitive Flyaway Islands of the Philippines, father and daughter sail off in pursuit, on a voyage that will carry them across the Pacific.

When The Jaguar Sleeps: A jungle adventure The Curse Of Inca Gold Book 1

- Despite the harsh environment sucking their strength away, they push on until they enter a territory inhabited by isolated Indian tribes hostile to outsiders and where probably the fabulous treasures destined for the last Inca emperor Atahualpa's ransom, are hidden. Book award winner in the readers' favorite 2017 book award Contest in the Category Fiction-Adventure! Looking for a fast-moving adventure thriller you won't be able to put down until you finish it? Then try this one.

A plane crash in the Amazon jungle. A desperate struggle for survival. An unexpected discovery. Ecuador. A dream holiday turns into a nightmare when two young men are stranded in the Amazon rainforest after their plane crashes. Soon, unexpected dangers arise. Desperate to survive, they decide to set off on a daring journey through the 'green hell'.

Point of Honor

New Word City, Inc. - Jorge cordoba has schemed and murdered his way to the top of a Colombian drug cartel intent on bankrupting the industrialized nations of the world. One of the best adventure writers today. In the hull of the freighter are thirty tons of cocaine, $350 million in cash - and half a dozen corpses with their tongues cut out.

Separated from his own ship with a typhoon rapidly approaching, Blake and his team are plunged into a battle of terror against not one, but two treacherous enemies - Cordoba's strike force racing to the scene and a savage murderer who is still aboard. At the heart of this electrifying novel are two very different men, separated by their morality and strict code of honor, bound together in a deadly game of power and survival that each must fight to the very end.

Point of Honor - But when the freighter delivering the goods that will secure the cartel's - and Cordoba's - future goes missing, he's thrown into a life or death struggle to recover it. Enter navy lieutenant daniel blake, a former merchant marine officer who's just been ordered to lead a boarding party of seven men and one woman onto an abandoned freighter.

A master storyteller. Clive cusslertwo men separated by a strict code of honor locked in a lethal game of international terror.

Eagle in the Sky

Zaffre - From a young age it's clear that David Morgan is 'bird'-a natural pilot, most at home in the air. For an instant it was outlined ahead of David's screen, the helmet still on the head, cruciform in shape with arms and legs thrown wide, and the clothing ballooning in the rush of air. He chose this life. And it may cost him everything.

But when he pays a terrible price for his choices, will he be able to become the man he always hoped -or will he choose to disappear into the skies? An action-packed thriller from global bestseller Wilbur SmithThe Syrian plane disintegrated, evaporating in a gush of silvery smoke, rent through with bright white lightning, and the ejecting pilot's body was blown clear of the fuselage.

Eagle in the Sky - Following his dream and in pursuit of Debra, a beautiful young Israeli writer, David soon joins the Israeli Defence Force and finds himself caught up in the country's struggles. In the south african air force he receives plaudits beyond his years, and even his family begins to accept that David will do anything to stay away from the Morgan billion-dollar business, and to keep flying instead.

Sword of Shiva

Braveship Books - A riveting drama of 21st century warfare ripped from tomorrow's headlines. The fuse has already been lit. High stakes on the high seas. The rebels escape across the himalayas, unaware that the son of China's First Vice-Premier lays dying among the burning wreckage of the train. As an escalating series of retaliations drive China and India toward outright war, hostilities spill over into the sea, and the Bay of Bengal becomes a crucible of naval warfare.

The president of the United States orders a U. S. Warships must defeat the Chinese Navy to preempt the coming firestorm. A single spark can ignite a war that consumes the world. Navy strike group into the area as a stabilizing force, but the situation between the two nations has already deteriorated beyond any hope of peaceful resolution.

Sword of Shiva - With asia hovering on the brink of annihilation, a small force of U. S. The adrenaline-fueled writing sends you hurtling forward like a missile. Graham brown, international bestselling author of 'zero Hour' and 'The Eden Prophesy'"Impossible to put down! Jeff Edwards has produced another spellbinder that puts you there!

Scavengers: A Gage Finley Adventure Caribbean Series Book 1

- Until now. Gage, and his best friend, niki, Duke Yates, along with his daughter, look to reclaim what has been lost for centuries. Read the first adventure from Amazon best-selling author J. D. The relic: a flintlock pistol. Scavenger went down with all hands, including chests full of gold in the sum of millions, which remained lost.

One of two linked to the notorious captain of Scavenger, a pirate ship that sank off the Bahamian coast in 1717. But a legendary diver, offers phony advice to preserve a family secret, whom Gage trusts implicitly, and a disgruntled and ruthless former sea captain will stop at nothing to find the treasure first.

Scavengers: A Gage Finley Adventure Caribbean Series Book 1 - Dudycha. When treasure lurks beneath the depths of the Caribbean, deceit, mutiny, and murder abound. While scuba diving off the rugged and desolate shore of North Bimini, in the Bahamas, Gage Finley discovers a coral-covered relic.

Under Tower Peak: A Tommy Smith High Country Noir, Book One

Arcade - In tommy smith he offers a protagonist whose cool competence, home-grown decency, and clarity of purpose in the face of danger suggest a brotherhood with heroes from the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy. Skyhorse publishing, political and medical thrillers, wilde, erotic and love stories, mystery, Cather, satire, folklore and mythology, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, Dumas, literary classics including Shakespeare, as well as our Arcade, comedy, historical fiction, romance, and Good Books imprints, classic literature, Yucca, and much more.

This tautly written debut thriller was named one of the 10 Best Mysteries of 2013 by the Wall Street Journal. After two tours as a sniper in iraq, tommy smith has returned to his former life as a cowboy and wilderness guide in California’s Sierra Nevada, hoping to reclaim the simplicity of his youth and heal the wounds the world can’t see.

While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. Soon he is enmeshed in the struggle between the billionaire’s trophy wife and wannabe drug lord son and their allies.

Under Tower Peak: A Tommy Smith High Country Noir, Book One - Every effort to set things right draws him deeper into a bad situation and closer to needing those deadly skills that he had hoped to leave behind forever. With lean, efficient prose and dialogue that crackles with repartee, Bart Paul has written a contemporary thriller of steadily mounting suspense and ruthless action.

When, he and his partner find the wrecked plane of a billionaire adventurer who disappeared months earlier, high on a mountain pass, a seemingly innocent act triggers a breathtaking cycle of violence that threatens Tommy’s world.

Blackbeard: The Birth of America

Mount Sopris Publishing - A robin-hood-like american patriot and the most famous freebooter of all time, Blackbeard was illegally hunted down by Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood, the British Crown’s man in Williamsburg obsessed with his capture. Blackbeard: the birth of america” is the true story of Edward Thache—former British Navy seaman and notorious privateer-turned-pirate, who lorded over the Atlantic seaboard and Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy.

. A folk hero in his own lifetime, blackbeard exploded onto the scene during the birth of America and was one of the first American revolutionaries in the War of Independence against British rule. Based on reliable historical records and the latest research, revealing a cat-and-mouse game and important historical figure lost to us in a “fog of legend, this adventure tale illuminates the true man behind the myth and his doggedly determined pursuer, myth and propaganda” for three hundred years.

BLOWN Gregg Kaplan Thriller Series Book 1

Switchback Press - A pledge between ex-Army Delta Force comrades. A trust that could not be broken—Once in, never out. Kaplan soon suspects the witness he vowed to protect has secrets of his own; secrets that go beyond his testimony for the U. S. Not just a promise, an oath. Marshals Service safe site. Marshal assigned to recover the witness, but soon realizes some merciless people are dead set on preventing the witness from reaching the safe site.

But the witness has a hidden agenda of his own—One that could cost Kaplan his life. Marshal makes him promise to personally deliver the witness to a U. S. Gregg kaplan is not an ordinary man, but a man with special skills, courtesy of the United States Government. He simply could not walk away from the impending mayhem.

BLOWN Gregg Kaplan Thriller Series Book 1 - After the dust settles, a mortally wounded Deputy U. S. His assignment is to stay off the grid when he innocently stumbles into a blown witness protection detail in Little Rock, Arkansas. When he discovers the witness is being tracked, Kaplan teams with a WitSec Deputy U. S.

The Eye of the Tiger

Zaffre - This was a man trained to live with and by violence. Harry fletcher lives a quiet life these days, running a tourist fishing boat from the quiet island of St Mary's, off the South African coast. Before he knows it, of men who will do anything to get their hands on the treasure under the sea, Harry has been swept back into a world of greed and violence, and of women who are too beautiful to trust.

. But when the great mogul diamond is the prize, all Harry knows is that he'll do anything to get there first. But that life hasn't left him. Then his next group arrives, with very specific instructions for Harry -instructions that suggest they know exactly who he is. An action-packed thriller from global bestseller Wilbur Smith"It takes one to recognise one.

The Eye of the Tiger - I had hoped never to see this kind of barracuda cruising St Mary's placid waters. He was muscle, a soldier, in the jargon. It gave me a sick little slide in the guts to know that it had found me out again. He left that life behind.

The Marauders: A Novel

Crown - Along his journey, petty criminals searching for a secret that could make them rich, gus meets a motley crew of characters: Wes Trench, sociopathic twin brothers and drug lords; Cosgrove and Hanson, or kill them; and Brady Grimes, a BP middleman out to make his career by swindling the townsfolk of Jeanette, a young Cajun man estranged from his father since his mother died in Katrina; Reginald and Victor Toup, among them his own mother.

. Tom cooper has written one hell of a novel. Stephen king when the bp oil spill devastates the Louisiana Gulf Coast, the citizens of the bayou town of Jeanette scramble to replace their lost livelihoods. Among them is one-armed, pill-popping shrimper Gus Lindquist, who has nothing left but the dying glimmer of a boyhood dream: finding the lost treasure of pirate Jean Lafitte.

The Marauders: A Novel - . Funny, dark, and compelling, The Marauders throws these characters on a rollicking collision course that all of them might not survive. A little elmore leonard, a little Charles Portis, and very much its own uniquely American self. With his metal detector and Pez dispenser full of Oxycontin, Lindquist steers his rickety shrimp boat into the savage Louisiana swamps.