Black Flag: Part Seven of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

#ad - He is believed to be the man responsible for killing innocent defectors with toxic nerve agent on the streets of the UK. Sis is left with only one option - kill the GRU doppelganger posing as Jack Regan and stop the Russians from killing more innocent people on Britain’s streets. Jack regan has only one option.

. Stay alive long enough to prove his true identity. Regan will stop at nothing to stay alive. In the corridors of power, people are getting nervous. Sis has an even bigger secret to keep - a mole buried at the heart of the establishment who has been passing secrets to the Russians for the past ten years. A decision has been made.

Black Flag: Part Seven of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story #ad - When the service is put at risk, a man only receives one status - A Black Flag! Warning: this book contains extreme violence from the outset and throughout, and some bad language that readers may find offensive. Is it really possible for a man not to know who he is?Having spent six years in a filthy North Korean concentration camp, drugged, beaten and abused by his jailers - then just maybe it is possible.

While being assessed at yately lodge, Jack Regan has been identified as a Russian GRU Colonel - Dmitri Romanov. On the streets of London, the body count is rising. Which is easier said than done when you don't know who you are.


Protocol 2: The Doomsday Prophecy. Book Six of the Jack Regan Series.

#ad - Cold war protocols are being dusted off and Britain has gone to a war footing. Sis has discovered London is the target. Warning: this book contains scenes of extreme violence and some bad language throughout. The unthinkable has happened. Terrorists have obtained a two megaton nuclear warhead from rogue elements of the Pakistan armed forces.

From the remote afghan plains, regan will pursue the terrorists responsible with extreme force, while back home, to the harsh Libyan deserts, the British government will stop at nothing to ensure the capital is safe - including killing their own operatives in the field if they have to. In an orgy of death, destruction, jack Regan must undertake the most dangerous mission of his life, and violence, and try and save the UK from nuclear annihilation.

Protocol 2: The Doomsday Prophecy. Book Six of the Jack Regan Series. #ad - Wars and reprisals will quickly follow. Predictions have come true. With time running out, can jack regan locate the device and stop the terrorists from detonating the bomb before it's too late? If he fails in his mission, millions will die, the financial markets will crash, and a city in chaos, and the world will be thrown into turmoil.


Special Operations: Grant's Last Stand

Swordworks #ad - A series of human wave attacks intended to return Afghanistan to the rule of its former Taliban masters. The islamists have secured the precious relic in a Taliban stronghold, a place where no Westerner can set for without facing imminent death. This is no simple theft; the object has the power to inspire the faithful to join a new Jihad.

. As if the task is not difficult enough, a troublesome CIA agent is assigned to work with them and monitor their every move. A place where the sole chance of success lies with men who can operate outside the law and without the protection of the United States armed forces. Grant and his unit must infiltrate an enemy town in one of the most violent and murderous regions on Earth.

Special Operations: Grant's Last Stand #ad - These include the popular seal team bravo stories, Heroes of Afghanistan, Echo Six, Raider, and Devil's Guard titles. Special operations: grant’s last Stand is an incredible story of tough, violent men in the tough, violent world of homicidal jihadis. What could be worse than imprisonment in a notorious Pakistani hellhole prison? Lieutenant Jack Grant is about to find out things can be a whole lot worse.

A precious religious relic is stolen, and it falls into the hands of a charismatic Islamist leader. Fighting enemies from both sides, Grant must pull off a miracle if he and his team can recover the target and make it out alive. A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops books.


To End All Wars: Part Five of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

#ad - To end all wars is an all-action, action-packed Jack Regan action and adventure story that does contain scenes of extreme violence and some bad language throughout the book. Is it really possible to end all of the insurgent wars raging around the world with a single idea? Yes. Can we really stop all of the wars without killing or injuring any civilians? Yes.

Can we do this without damaging any towns, cities or countries? Yes. Can we achieve this without putting boots on the ground or launching any airstrikes? Yes. And katie squires knows how…as a grail hunter with the Defence Research Establishment, cheap, Katie Squires has discovered a quick, and practical solution to stop the wars.

The streets of london are about to become a brutal battleground littered with dead bodies. Jack regan has been tasked with providing Katie's close-quarter protection and entrusted to deliver her to the conference hall on time. The only thing standing between them and a date with destiny is Black Magic's underworld hit men and a contract on Katie's life.

To End All Wars: Part Five of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story #ad - Black magic will expend whatever resources necessary to stop her, and Jack Regan will do whatever it takes to protect her. The only problem is black magic has learned of Katie's remarkable achievements and stand to lose billions of dollars in arms sales if she manages to make the secret public at a hurriedly arranged NATO conference.

Katie has been earmarked for death!SIS has called in their soldier of choice to protect her.


SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - Korean Carnage

Swordworks #ad - The environment is the snow covered mountains between the two Koreas, hostile region, a harsh, fighting an enemy who is no less harsh or hostile. Lieutenant kyle nolan’s team bravo are on a training mission in the South when they uncover a North Korean tunnel, a clandestine route beneath the heavily guarded border.

A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops books. A rescue mission across the border, four men and a South Korean NCO, pitting their skills against an army of almost three million men and women under arms. The korean peninsula, a warzone divided between North and South. But when the seals encounter the enemy, they are in no doubt the communists are preparing to invade.

SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - Korean Carnage #ad - The politicians and generals say a fresh invasion is impossible. In the blink of an eye everything changes. The deal breaker is when a senior South Korean intelligence officer with vital and detailed knowledge of the border defenses is kidnapped. Nolan and his team refuse to wait for the inevitable war to break out and do the unthinkable.

An uneasy peace has reigned since the truce of 1953, yet the communists see no reason to give up their efforts to conquer and seize the rich assets of the south. Seal team bravo: black ops – korean carnage is a page-turning epic which tells the story of tough, violent men waging a desperate battle against an overwhelming horde of fanatical North Koreans.


SEAL Strike: Night Hunters

Swordworks #ad - Each one is a serious threat to the Coalition and can rally hundreds of fighters to join the Islamist cause and begin a new onslaught. When a bloodthirsty band of taliban commanders escapes from prison, a SEAL unit led by Master Chief Tony Chase is called in to track them down. To make matters worse, the jihadis have taken Christian missionaries’ hostage, and are using those that have not already been murdered as human shields.

The terrain is the most violent and rugged region of Taliban held Helmand. Together, they are more than a threat, they are an army. But from the very start this is no ordinary mission. Outnumbered and outgunned, the slightest mistake will mean death for them and for the missionaries held by the enemy. Seal strike: night hunters is the second short novel in the SEAL Strike series.

SEAL Strike: Night Hunters #ad - . Time is not on their side, for with every day that passes, more young recruits arrive to strengthen the Taliban numbers. All of them under sentence of death for mass murder. Night hunters is a collaboration between Todd McLeod and Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of more than fifty war novels.


Special Operations: Grant's Fightback

Swordworks #ad - When the rangers arrive inside China, Grant encounters something unimaginable. A vast concentration camp, housing starving, barefoot and emaciated Uighur prisoners. When a cia agent is captured inside china and sentenced to death by firing squad, Lieutenant Jack Grant’s Ranger fireteam volunteers to carry out a rescue mission.

. An unfounded claim of war crimes against Grant spells the end of his career and his freedom. But the odds are stacked against them from the outset and the operation fails. Worse is to come. He also encounters an enemy who is waiting for them, gloating with anticipation. These include the popular seal team bravo stories, Raider, Heroes of Afghanistan, Echo Six, and Devil's Guard titles.

Special Operations: Grant's Fightback #ad - Yet the odds are stacked against them even more, and success against the Chinese hordes means racking up a large body count. If that isn’t enough to condemn the mission to failure, an ally waits in the shadows to stab the Rangers in the back. Special operations: grant’s fightback is an incredible story of tough, violent men in the cruel, vicious world of the Chinese gulags.

His one chance to clear his name is to launch another mission and bring back the condemned agent. A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops books.


Book 17 - Ominous Intent Navy SEAL Grant Stevens

#ad - The iranians' intent: gain control of Colombia's oil. Grant stevens and team alpha tango accept the search and rescue mission, but once in-country, they find themselves caught up in Iran's hostile operation that could lead to a full-blown crisis in Colombia and the Middle East. Colombia, south america - along a five hundred mile stretch of a major pipeline, refineries, pump and block valve stations have been designated as targets.

Iran's sleeper agent, who for years has avoided detection, is now ready to take control of the operation. A top secret meeting between CIA agents and an Israeli Mossad team turns deadly after an ambush by the Quds. Hostages are taken. Colombian guerrilla groups, part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, trained and organized by Iran's Quds Force, are ready to carry out the monumental task.


SEAL Strike: Nuclear Storm

Swordworks #ad - The solution, to send in a unit of elite navy sEALs led by Master Chief Tony Chase, from the US Navy Littoral Support Ship USS Springfield. Parachuted into the country, they are not without allies. To avoid nuclear war, it must be destroyed without suspicion falling on America. Without any expectation of survival, they fight their way through to the explosive finish.

Seal strike: nuclear storm is the third short novel in the SEAL Strike series. Iran, a nation ruled by the Ayatollahs, fanatics who yearn to possess nuclear weapons. A brutal islamic revolutionary Guard presence, and a traitor giving away their plans mean their mission is doomed to fail from the start. Nuclear storm is a collaboration between Todd McLeod and Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of more than fifty war novels.

SEAL Strike: Nuclear Storm #ad - The kurds, a warrior race waging an uncompromising war to regain their homeland, offer their help to attack the impregnable underground installation. Their latest act of madness is the construction of a nuclear weapons plant in the north of the country. Yet chase’s team hit trouble the moment their boots are on the ground.

Yet failure is not a word the SEALs recognize.


Under Siege Battleground Vietnam Book 1

Swordworks #ad - Later that day another murder victim is found in the armoury. Leaving him free to investigate. His orders are to return to Saigon with the prisoner. The shells do more than damage the aircraft. A story of heroic marines, tough, brave men fighting for their lives in the middle of the dense, hostile Vietnamese jungle.

Us army warrant officer carl yeager, on his second tour of Vietnam, reaches Khe Sanh in late January 1968. Emerging from his temporary sleeping quarters, he comes face-to-face with a Claymore mine. Not everyone is satisfied. Faced with a murderer on the loose they assign an Army Ranger to watch his back. In time to encounter shelling, and an unexpected reporter, a female, a strong attack by NVA infantry, chasing down a story about defective M-16 rifles.

Under Siege Battleground Vietnam Book 1 #ad - Warrant officer carl yeager pursues the tortuous threads presented to him, looking for a solution that may not exist in a place where the solution to most things is death. Things start to go wrong when the aircraft on which is due to fly back with the prisoner to Tan Son Nhut, outside Saigon, is destroyed by enemy shellfire.

A murder has been committed on the Combat Base, unusual even in this place where imminent death is every Marine’s constant companion. The investigation demands he ascends to an outpost, Hill 871, to interview a witness. The troops blame aRVN for the murder, threatening the morale of the defenders.


Original Sins The Vatican Knights Book 18

EmpirePRESS & EmpireENTERTAINMENT #ad - When kimball hayden is deemed expendable by his peers, will the vatican interfere and offer him a way to the Light? Or will Kimball continue his path to Darkness and fall victim to those who wish him dead? From the bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series, Rick Jones weaves a tale of one man’s fall from grace, a rise to redemption, and a journey of rediscovery.

Suburb, a family is executed by a government assassin. While flying at an altitude of 10, 000 feet, an editor of a newspaper is murdered. In the middle of the night as a bus leaves Washington, D. C. Travelers are gunned down in an act of terrorism. Inside the vatican, a cardinal receives spiritual insight about a deadly killer.

Original Sins The Vatican Knights Book 18 #ad - Before kimball hayden became a vatican knight, he was the commander of the Pieces of Eight, a kill squad that worked as part of a black-arm force of the CIA. But as kimball hayden begins to see the negative cost of his actions, he slowly becomes the prey to a predator with absolute power. But when he begins to question the morality of his actions and the motives of his superiors, he is placed within the crosshairs by high-end principals who want to see him dead.

In a washington, D. C.