ASAE Handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management

Jossey-Bass - Covers the range of functions essential to managing an association serves as a flagship handbook for cae prep and is one of only five designated "CAE Core Resources"; new edition is applicable to prep beginning with the May 2015 CAE exam Information is relevant and applicable to students and professionals alike Edited by the founding editor of Professional Practices in Association Management and a CAE instructor with more than 30 years of experience in preparing CAEs Put the experts to work for you with this essential resource—written by association professionals and experts with 300 years of cumulative experience!

Organized into 35 chapters and presenting information based on experience and proven research into the skills and knowledge required for successfully managing an organization of any size, internal and external relations, leadership processes, management and administration including finance and human resources, programs and services, this book covers governance and structure, and much more.

ASAE Handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management - Now in its third edition, this core text in the ASAE association literature offers practical, strategies, experience-based insights, and techniques for managing every aspect of an association or membership organization. A new edition of one of the flagship books for cae preparation the asae handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management covers the core functions of association management at a high but practical level, making it a go-to resource for professionals who are leading and managing membership organizations and those preparing for the Certified Association Executive CAE credential.

This new edition incorporates increased emphasis on the c-level judgment required of Certified Association Executives and CEO-aspirants, as well as more comprehensive coverage of essential functions such as planning.

Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, 2nd Edition

Jossey-Bass - Whether you're preparing for the CAE or striving to provide better association leadership, Membership Essentials is the resource you need at the ready. One of the five core topics for CAE preparation, membership is a fundamental area central to the role of membership director and association leader. Environmental factors and sustainability, governance, online communities, globalization, and the role of volunteers are discussed in greater depth, alongside foundational concepts that association leaders must understand to fill the role effectively.

. The updated and expanded asae guide to membership fundamentals Membership Essentials is the American Society of Association Executives' flagship guide to all aspects of membership development, recruitment, and retention. This new second edition has been updated with the most current practices, legal considerations, model development, staff leadership, strategic planning, and includes expanded coverage of value proposition, and other important topics that have come to the fore since the book's initial publication.

This book reflects the experience and expertise of thought leaders from a range of associations—small, regional, national, local, and global—and represents the ASAE's fundamental body of knowledge on membership topics, large, and provides an invaluable resource for those preparing for or already in association leadership positions.

Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, 2nd Edition - This book is a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of membership, to membership functions, from engagement theory, to infrastructure, and much more. The concepts presented in this book have been proven time and time again, and serve as a global template for membership management. Engage members more fully in the evolving membership environment develop models and strategies for relationships, 000 association executives and industry partners from more than 10, engagement, and affiliation Explore ways in which the web and social media can benefit your membership Examine the implications of globalization and the related relational models The ASAE is comprised of over 21, 000 organizations from around the world.

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management Essential Texts for Nonprofit and Public Leadership and Management

Jossey-Bass - It also extensively covers the practice of social entrepreneurship, presented via an integrative perspective that helps the reader make practical sense of how to bring it all together. The content of the handbook is supplemented and enriched by an extensive set of online supplements and tools, web references, checklists, including reading lists, discussion guides, PowerPoint slides, and sample exams.

The go-to nonprofit handbook, processes, updated and expanded for today's leader The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is the bestselling professional reference and leading text on the functions, and strategies that are integral to the effective leadership and management of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

Nonprofit organizations present unique opportunities and challenges for meeting the needs of societies and their communities, yet nonprofit management is more complex and challenging than ever. This practical, with expanded attention to accountability, relevant guide is invaluable to the effective practice of nonprofit leadership and management, transparency, and organizational effectiveness.

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management Essential Texts for Nonprofit and Public Leadership and Management - Now in its fourth edition, this handbook presents the most current research, theory, and practice in the field of nonprofit leadership and management. Grounded in the most useful modern scholarship and theory, and explained from the perspective of effective practice, The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is a pivotal resource for successful nonprofit leaders in these turbulent times.

Running your nonprofit or nongovernmental organization effectively in today's complex and challenging environment demands more knowledge and skill than ever, deployed in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. This handbook provides a framework to help you lead and manage efficiently and effectively in this new environment.

How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements: A Practical Guide

Wiley - The intent behind the recent FASB accounting standards update was to improve the clarity and usefulness of nonprofit financial statements. Expert guidance on how to read, interpret, this book is the only guide you’ll need to correctly interpret those critical documents, and use nonprofit financial statements—updated to include the new fasb standard FOR NONPROFIT FINANCIAL REPORTING Whether you’re a nonprofit executive unfamiliar with the language of financial statements or a seasoned pro, refresh your skills and familiarize yourself with the new FASB nonprofit reporting standards.

But making sense of those statements can still be tough for the uninitiated. Jossey-Bass. Accountants and non-accountants who use and prepare nonprofit financial statements need guidance on how to interpret and implement these new FASB standards. Written for both audiences, providing in-depth explanations of the differences between the old and new standards provides numerous illustrations to help you quickly feel at home with the format of nonprofit financial statements Offers exercises to help you gain insight into the core concepts of nonprofit financial statements and reinforce your command of those concepts In addition to the new FASB standards, line-by-line, outlining what financial statement readers should look for to stay informed and satisfy their responsibility regardless of their role A new chapter on benchmarking to help nonprofits measure performance against industry peers How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements, Third Edition is an invaluable resource for anyone who reads, interprets, this expanded edition includes: A new chapter on reserves, through financial reports, while offering numerous examples of financial statements reflecting both the old and new FASB standards Steers you, this book: Clearly defines accounting terminology and concepts, a long-standing challenge for nonprofits A new section on general financial analysis, or prepares these all-important documents.

CAE Study Guide 2015: Preparation Reference for the Certified Association Executive Exam The ASAE Series

Jossey-Bass - This edition reflects newly updated and revised job analysis study findings from the American Society of Association Executives ASAE. Comprehensive content summaries of all nine domains tested on the cae exam online practice exam consisting of 100 questions drawn from the CAE test item database, CAE study questions, self-assessment, and more Exam day readiness tips and suggestions for creating a study plan, key definitions, and reducing test anxiety Beginning with the May 2015 CAE exam, plus answer key Preparation resources including recommended reading, focusing on difficult areas, the CAE Commission will implement its revised CAE test based on the updated content structure.

In addition to easy-to-digest content sections, CAE Study Guide 2015 is full of indispensable resources for anyone preparing for CAE certification. Cae study guide 2015 is a terrifically useful resource for anyone seeking CAE certification. The asae cae preparation guide featuring 100 exam questions This is the ASAE test prep resource for the CAE exam, which leads to certification as an association executive.

CAE Study Guide 2015: Preparation Reference for the Certified Association Executive Exam The ASAE Series - The asae cae study guide 2015: preparation reference for the certified Association Executive Exam + Practice Test Bank is the only book with a practice exam based on actual questions released from the official CAE item bank. Jossey-Bass. In this book, you’ll find everything you need to feel confident on test day, including high-level summaries of all the content covered in the CAE content outline’s nine domains.

The online practice exam includes 100 questions released from the official CAE exam database, and testing tips will orient you toward the most successful strategies.

Association Law Handbook: A Practical Guide for Associations, Societies, and Charities

ASAE Association Management Press - Jossey-Bass. Designed for ease of use, political, antitrust, it enables you to quickly understand and navigate virtually every aspect of law affecting membership organizations--including current corporate, and tax law--and to avoid potentially costly mistakes. Written in plain english, association Law Handbook is the definitive practical legal guide for volunteer leaders and staffs of membership and other nonprofit organizations.

This handbook is an essential resource for those preparing to become Certified Association Executives and a must-have reference for association and other nonprofit leaders. Revised to reflect the latest developments in nonprofit law, this new edition now containing 100 chapters-- includes updated case citations and all-new chapters on critical topics: the board-management relationship harassment nonprofit organization copyrights nonprofit joint ventures employee versus independent contractor distinctions personal data protection Also included are 34 customizable legal forms and documents--the ones associations need most--loaded on a USB drive.

Association Law Handbook: A Practical Guide for Associations, Societies and Charities 5th Edition

ASAE Association Management Press - No complex legal jargon or phraseology to decipher. Recently updated to reflect the latest developments in nonprofit law, joint venture agreement, including a chief executive employment agreement, author agreement, you'll find chapter after chapter packed with information to keep you in full compliance:Nonprofit governance reform issues inspired by Sarbanes-OxleyIRS rules for corporate sponsorship paymentsBanned above-market payments to 'insiders' of charitable organizationsAntitrust protections for standards development organizations32 of the most widely used legal forms and documents associations and nonprofits need most, plus 29 more sample documents and agreementsThis is the one legal reference every nonprofit should have on hand! Jossey-Bass.

At the end of every chapter you will even find a handy resource guide that shows you where to find additional books, articles, cases, laws, regulations, and more. Written by a leading nonprofit law attorney, this mega-volume contains everything legal and executive management professionals need to know about association law and outlines it in simple terms, making it fully accessible.

7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't

American Management Press - Used book in Good Condition. With the purpose of providing readers guidance and inspiration to reach new heights, data, the book presents the research on these seven factors with stories, and analysis. He goes on to say that, every association can deliver better results to its members. The result is a thorough-going exploration of what it takes to make a good association into a great one.

Jossey-Bass. Some organizations perform better than others, says Jim Collins, best-selling author of Good to Great and Built to Last, despite facing comparable opportunities and circumstances, in his foreword to 7 Measures of Success. And that was the intent behind the rigorous multiyear study carried out by the ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership: to identify the factors that set great associations apart from the rest.

7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't - Using the matched-pair research methodology pioneered by jim collins and his partner jerry Porras, the research group compared 15 years worth of data from nine pairs of associations to uncover seven commitments consistently honored by the great associations that set them apart from the merely good: A customer service culture Alignment of products and services with mission Data-driven strategies Dialogue and engagement CEO as a broker of ideas Organizational adaptability Alliance building.

Association Law Handbook: A Practical Guide for Associations, Societies, and Charities 4th edition

American Management Press - These include articles of incorporation and bylaws, guidelines, employment agreements, nondisclosure agreements, codes of ethics, author agreements, policies, and more. Jossey-Bass. The body of laws, regulations, and decisions that governs trade associations, professional societies, and philanthropic and other nonprofit corporations continually grows and changes.

Furthermore, and others who advise these organizations, accountants, to assist attorneys, each subject includes an extensive list of references for further research and understanding. As a result, these self-governing membership organizations can have difficulty determining whether their activities are in fact legal.

Association Law Handbook: A Practical Guide for Associations, Societies, and Charities 4th edition - Used book in Good Condition. Finally, this book also provides a documents supplement with 25 sample documents covering governance and transaction topics. To help executives who manage these organizations gain a broad overview of the laws, this ambitious book presents a summary treatment of all the legal governance, professional, and taxation subjects that can be expected to arise in typical trade, antitrust, and decisions that govern these organizations activities and thus identify potential threats, regulations, operations, philanthropic, or similar associations.

. Even for those subjects that have been treated extensively elsewhere, this unique book explains the topics in plain English and in an outline format. Many subjects presented in this book have not been covered in the extensive literature for nonprofit and association law.

Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations

ASAE Association Management Press - Jossey-Bass. Used book in Good Condition. Race for relevance provides a no-nonsense look at todays realities and how associations operate and what they need to do to remain relevant in the future based on more than 40 years of combined experience working with more than 1 000 organizations the authors examine 5 key areas where the traditional approach that organizations have taken in the past needs to be altered The 5 key areas of change are - Overhaul the governance model and committee operations and get the right people focused on the right things - Empower the CEO and leverage staff expertise - Zero in on your member market - Rationalize programs and services-and focus where you can have an effect - Get the supporting technology framework right The book includes worksheets checklists and case studies all geared towards helping association leaders-staff and volunteers alike-to kick off the thought-provoking discussions that are generally at the forefront of change be prepared for those fighting for the status quo and to imple Jossey-Bass.

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Jossey-Bass - Jossey-Bass. New chapters cover developments in such areas as social entrepreneurship, financial leadership and capital structure, accountability and transparency, and the changing political-legal climate. This is the third edition of the bestselling nonprofit management reference and text called the "big green book.

Based on updated research, and experience, strategic planning, financial management, risk management, volunteer management, this comprehensive edition offers practical advice on managing nonprofit organizations and addresses key aspects such as board development, lobbying, fundraising, marketing, theory, and compensation and benefits.

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management - It includes an instructor's manual Jossey-Bass. Used book in Good Condition.